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EVER wondered how much the flight attendant serving your drink knows about you? Turns out a lot.

Certain airlines provide cabin crew with all manner of information about passengers, stored on handheld devices on every flight.

In a thread on Reddit, one attendant revealed that they could see everything from medical details to drinking preferences on the iPads they used on board their airline's flights.

They wrote: "We can see everything. Name, seat number, status, special handling, special meals.

"However we can also add preferences. For example, Mr Smith in First wears XL pajamas and doesn't drink alcohol. So I know to preset the XL pj's and not offer him a drink.

"We also have service recoveries and medical incidents – if you have had any disruption, medical incident or you were cut off from alcohol on a previous flight, I can see that.

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"It's not to treat you differently, it's so we have an awareness… if your migraine starts or you're asking for too much alcohol, we can try and mitigate risk of repeated incident.

"We also have general notes for things – the passenger in 33C is a nervous flier, 12K is travelling for compassionate reasons, 1A is a medical doctor who previously offered assistance, 20E's name is pronounced "Al-ker-wicks'. Things like that."

Such detailed information is not necessarily the norm, however, with other airlines mainly providing electronic devices to sell things to passengers, store instruction manuals.

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One flight attendant wrote: "I can see your name, destination, connecting flight, pre-ordered meal, elite status, if you’re traveling with a companion, any special service requests, if you’ve had any problems with flights or baggage in a while and that’s about it. Nothing personal.

"Other than that I can ring up any of my transactions for items I sell on board. That’s left for the customer service and reservation agents.

"What I do see is a lot more specialised information in regards to my duties and flight operations, communications with other personnel and more. It prevents me from carrying a 1,000 page manual."

With some flight attendants having so much personal information about their passengers in their hands, it's understandable that frequent fliers may see this as cause for concern.

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However, another attendant explained that issues of confidentiality were taken very seriously.

They wrote: "Rest assured airline carriers and their flight attendants take confidentiality serious and each know the ramifications of using passenger information for any illegal usage."

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