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A FLIGHT attendant has warned passengers not to bring three specific items on to a plane – as it can fellow travellers feel sick.

Cabin crew member Lisa Kulpa, who works for a major airline, said she often dealt with difficult situations during a flight.

However, she said there are three items that some passengers think are acceptable to use during flights that can leave others in the cabin feeling nauseous.

Lisa explained that bringing nail polish and nail polish remover onto planes can really affect other travellers, mainly due to the smell of the items as the odours from them that can quickly circulate around the aircraft.

She also warned passengers to leave the nail clippers at home, as its rather disgusting to see someone clipping their nails on the plane,

Speaking to The Points Guy, she said: "Things to not do or bring in flight: nail clippers, nail polish, nail polish remover — these products will make the whole plane smell, and some people get sick from it."

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She also added that some food choices were also particularly offensive to the nostrils and said that stinky snacks should also be avoided.

She added: "Don't bring any food that is extremely fragrant. Even fast food sometimes stinks up a plane."

The nail products and smelly food were not the only things Lisa advised against bringing on board.

The attendant advised against passengers bringing their own supply of booze onto flights, as well, so that cabin crew members are aware of exactly how much each person on board has had to drink.

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She also recommended bringing headphones for anyone with electronics to prevent others from having to listen to the noise.

Flip flops were also on her list of things to bring along, for anyone who isn't a fan of wearing shoes during flights.

Lisa is not the only flight attendant to give some good advice recently.

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