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A HOTEL manager has revealed the big mistake guests make when trying to check into their room.

Kevin Gilbert has worked in the hotel industry for nearly 20 years, and currently works at a hotel in Arizona.

One of the biggest mistakes guests make is trying to check in early without informing the hotel ahead of time.

He explained to Well+Good: "Some people just who show up early expect to get the room at 11 o’clock in the morning versus the agreed-upon time."

He said this causes "unnecessary stress" for the hotel as rooms need to be cleaned in between, and can interrupt the flow of guests.

Guests who want an early check in should ask the day before arrival, he advises, or as soon as possible.

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He added: "In the worst-case scenario, we can offer to store their bags for them until they check in or after they check out."

He shared some of the other big mistakes guests make, which includes being loud during a hotel's "quiet time" as well as questioning charges for mini bars.

Checking in early could also reduce your changes of a free room upgrade.

Hotel owner James Marshall has shared his advice on question and answer site Quora.

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Although it might seem logical to check in early in the day to be the first guest to ask for an upgrade, checking in as soon as possible isn't the best move.

It's actually better to check in later on in the afternoon – he said: "Check in later in the day, not immediately when check in commences.

"If you ask for an upgrade too early in the day, the hotel may say no because they still feel that there is a chance they will sell the empty rooms."

Another hotel worker revealed customers always ask the same thing at check in.

A hotel receptionist also shared the most annoying things guests say to her on a daily basis.

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