Flight attendant reveals the two things she always takes from her hotel room – and even pilots approve | The Sun

A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the two things she always takes from her hotel room – and even pilots approve it.

Travel expert Kashlee Kucheran revealed the amazing hack that will help you feel like you're right at home while on a long flight.

On a TikTok video she explained how to have a comfortable journey – by only taking two essentials form your hotel.

She said: "I know all the good packing and travel tips. Here are two things I always take from my hotel room to make packing and long travel days easier."

The flight attendant is the CEO of media agency Travel Off Path and has been on over 100 flights per year.

The holiday pro said to always take slippers from the hotel – as most airlines don't have them available.

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Hotels expect you to steal the cheap white flip flops in plastic packaging that sit inside the hotel wardrobe, as they never re-use them.

In fact, anything that's complimentary in hotels is free for you to snag – including mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner, lotions, and toiletries and bathroom items.

Kaashley encouraged passengers to wear them in the plane bathroom instead of wearing stockings – as the floors are usually quite dirty.

She added: "If you have a long haul flight coming up, most airlines will give you socks for long flights.

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"But they are super thin and trust me you don't want to wear them to the bathroom."

Passengers can wear them on board to feel as comfortable as possible during their flight.

They are particularly useful on the flight corridors, so you don’t end up walking around the plane cabin in your socks.

"If you brought hotel slipper you can confidently walk around the plane with them instead.

"And also, just so you know, many airlines don't offer slippers in economy or even business class – only in first," she said.

Another tip she offered is to pack a shower cap to put around your shoes.

The plastic caps are a great way to stop the dirty soles touching clean clothes.

She explained: "These are an amazing way to keep your dirty shoes from touching the rest of your clothes especially when you are making a quick change at the airport and you need to put them in your luggage.

"They cover all the dirty parts of the shoe like a charm."

Another alternative is putting them in plastic bags, although others explained this doesn't stop the shoes themselves getting dirty, while the shower caps keep them moving around.

If you can't find one in your hotel as part of your toiletries, you can always buy one and it won't break the bank as it can cost as little as a £1 at most shops.

The video has gained thousands of views with one pilot approving the smart hack.

Natalie said: "I'm a pilot and these hacks are genius, especially the shoes."

It comes as another flight attendant revealed the item she never travels without – and it's less than £4.

Sophie, who is a former cabin crew member for Emirates, explained why she always takes eye drops with her during long-haul flights.


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Elsewhere, a travel expert revealed five holy grail tips for avoiding jet lag on holiday.

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