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IF it’s your first time visiting Dubai, you may be confused about what to wear as it is an Islamic country.

While Dubai is surprisingly modern, there are still certain customs and traditions that are followed by residents and visitors.

Is there a dress code in Dubai?

While there is no official dress code as such, modesty is appreciated and advised, especially in public places.

Although Dubai is home to people from all over the world, many follow Islamic values and practices.

Therefore it is important to dress and behave conservatively.

This does not apply to a place of residence or hotel room.

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What clothes can I wear in Dubai?

There are a few basic rules tourists should look to observe:

  • Aim to cover shoulders and knees
  • Avoid showing midriffs and cleavage
  • Avoid anything transparent or overly clingy
  • If someone asks you to cover up do so without kicking up a fuss

If you wish to enter the Grand Mosque or any religious or government building, both men and women must cover their arms and legs.

Avoid wearing skirts or shorts shorter than their ankles.

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Women will need a headscarf before entering to cover their hair within the premises.

Swimwear is acceptable only in beaches, pools and spa, or areas for water-based entertainment, 

So don't go to a restaurant or mall in only a bikini or swimming shorts.

If you are deemed to be dressed inappropriately you can expect to be turned away at the entrance to a mall or a public building.

An easy way around this is to always carry a large, loose shirt, or a scarf in your bag to cover up.

What clothes can I not wear in Dubai?

Tourists can wear anything they wish to as long as they dress modestly.

As Dubai is very hot, cotton, linen, or breathable material is preferred for clothes.

Some important points to remember about the dress code in Dubai are as follows:

  • Clothing should not indecently reveal parts of the body or display offensive images/slogans.
  • Nudity is strictly forbidden.
  • Swimwear is not allowed in public places apart from the beach or at a pool.
  • Both men and women are encouraged to wear clothes that cover their shoulders, arms and legs.

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