Dad left stunned after passenger yells at him during flight due to crying baby – but people are divided | The Sun

A DAD was left stunned after a passenger yelled as his family during a flight because his baby was crying – but people have been left divided.

The 37-year-old dad explained that he was returning from a holiday in Mexico with his wife and two kids Micha, 7, and Jonah, two.

He said on the six-hour flight out, Jonah slept the whole way – but they had problems on the plane home.

The dad explained on Reddit: "Just one hour later he starts crying, my wife and I try to keep him calm, and even though it worked, it only did for almost 30mins.

"He wanted to 'walk' but my wife and I tried to entertain him with his fave toys, but he was desperate to move.

"At this point he starts crying, but louder than the first time."

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He said he could see other passengers were annoyed, only for a passenger to get up and confront them.

He continued: "He started reclaiming my wife for 'our bad parenting' and demanded we control our baby.

"My wife annoyed told him that we are trying but he is overwhelmed. We are so sorry for upsetting him but we are trying.

"He said it wasn't enough, he is tired and wants to sleep but our baby doesn't let him. Again, my wife apologizes and at this point, he starts yelling at us."

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The man then said that they were "irresponsible" and that babies "shouldn't be allowed to travel".

The dad said he ended up yelling back at him, with flight crew then telling him to go back to his seat.

However, he asked if he was in the wrong after his wife said he shouldn't have yelled back at him.

Some people asked why they didn't try other things to get him to stop crying.

One person wrote: "Why didn’t one of you take Jonah for a walk up and down the plane aisle? I know it’s inconvenient to get a kid out of their seat and later back in it, but it sounds like he really needed to move some, and it would’ve been an easy solution to the issue.

Another agreed: "Your kid wanted you to walk. Why didn’t you take him for a few trips up and down the aisle?"

However, others said the passenger was out of line for yelling at the parents.

Someone wrote: "The person causing a disturbance on the flight was the adult man who started yelling and created a scene, not your baby who cried intermittently."

Another added: "Babies are allowed on planes. Living in the adult world means you sometimes don’t get everything the way you want it. Don’t like it? Charter a private plane."

A woman recently divided opinion after moaning about a crying child on flight – and called for adult-only planes.

She said in a video, which captured the sound of a screaming baby: "Why isn’t there such a thing as adult-only flights? I would pay SO much money.”

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