Brits to find out where they could go on holiday tomorrow – here's who could be on the green list

BRITS will find out where they can go on holiday from May 17 as the UK government is to announce which countries are to be put onto the "green list" tomorrow.

The traffic light scheme hopes to restart holidays abroad, by opening up destinations which are deemed low risk depending on their Covid situation and vaccine rollout.

Only green countries will be quarantine free, with Brits able to avoid self–isolating for 10 days on their return.

Tests will still be required, with a pre-arrival test before returning to the UK, and a second test on day two.

However, there may be limited countries on the green list at first, due to the third wave currently sweeping Europe.

Malta and Gibraltar, both with vaccine rates higher than the UK, are likely to be on the list, as both countries are also reporting low daily rates of Covid.

Gibraltar was also the first nation to offer the Covid vaccine to the entire adult population, while Malta is even offering to pay tourists £173 to holiday there this summer.

Portugal may be the only popular holiday hotspot for Brits to make the list due to their low cases as well.

Other predicted destinations include Iceland, Finland and Israel, as well as the Caribbean islands such as Barbados and Jamaica.

Sadly, most of Europe is likely to be on the amber list – which requires a 10-day quarantine at home as well as a pre-arrival Covid test and two tests to be taken on day two and day eight of quarantine.

Spain, Greece, Italy and France are all likely to be on the amber list from May 17, although there are hopes they could be removed from June – in time for the summer season.

Countries which are on the red list will still require a 10-day hotel quarantine, costing travellers £1,750.

Airlines and tour operators are already offering discounted Covid test kits as a way to make holidays more affordable, with fears families will still be priced out due to expensive travel requirements.

TUI has announced £20 Covid test kits for Brits heading to green list countries, savings Brits up to £100 per person.

Countries are also keen to invite British tourists back for the summer, thanks to the successful vaccine drive.

Greece is already welcoming vaccinated Brits back, and only requires an NHS vaccine card as proof, while Portugal will from mid-May.

Italy and Cyprus have also said vaccinated Brits can return from mid-May while Spain and Malta had said from June.

Non-vaccinated Brits will still be able to travel but will require negative Covid tests.

Brits could even be given free Covid test kits to take on holiday with them, as part of a new scheme being discussed by the government.

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