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AN AMERICAN tourist has made a name for himself among Brits online after declaring a popular UK snack to be "pretty dang good".

While on holiday in Liverpool, the man tried the "amazing" food he admits he "never would have thought of".

Mark Wolters (@woltersworld) has close to 20,000 followers on Tiktok, where he shares "honest travel advice you can trust".

One thing Mark will be advising travellers from now on is to put curry sauce on their chips.

In a video he shared earlier this year, he filmed himself trying the snack, which he said he was amazed by.

He wrote: "Chips covered in curry sauce is amazing! who knew?

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"I never would have thought of it."

His video has been since been seen more than a million times with people delighted by his reaction.

In the video he says: "I'm here in Liverpool, and if you're here in the north of England, you might notice something about their chips.

"They like to put stuff on them, like you'll see gravy on chips or chips and gravy. I actually got chips and curry and it's like a curry sauce on top of the fries.

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"Honestly, this is pretty dang good! I would definitely do this again.

"You can see that the seagulls are waiting for me to drop something because they're all over the place here.

"But yeah, Liverpool, north of England, curry and chips, pretty dang good."

Close to 4,000 people have commented on Mark's culinary adventure, mostly agreeing that chips and curry sauce is an excellent snack.

One wrote: "Surry sauce on chips is the most unbeatable thing. Also try gravy that’s nice but not as nice."

Another said: "Curry sauce is the food of the gods."

A third added: "This man gets the UK."

Mark isn't the only American tourist to explore British cuisine this year, with David Turek also filming himself trying some popular UK snacks.

One video sees him trying a sausage roll from Greggs with his eyes lighting up after taking a bite.

Shaking his head in disbelief, David says: “Holy s***! 9.8 out of 10, that’s f**ing lovely.”

However, his favourite food is fish and chips, which he said was "absolutely sensational".

He hasn't enjoyed everything he's tried so far, with Marmite and black pudding his least favourites.

He said of those: "I honestly get sick just thinking about it, especially Marmite.”

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