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March Horoscope

February sent us on our merry way with a full moon in Virgo and a stationing direct Mercury, setting our cosmic course for newly focused and productive, if somewhat humbled, climes. Despite the dreaminess that accompanies Pisces season, we'll feel our inner workhorses champing at the bit as March begins — and the exuberant planetary action yet to come this month will further fuel our desire to, simply, get shit done.

Of course, that is not to say sailing will be completely smooth. Between Mercury entering soft-spoken Pisces on March 15 and Venus entering boisterous Aries on the 21st, our hearts (and how we express our hearts' greatest desires) will be in a tizzy. Valentine's Day may have come and gone, but this twitterpation is right on time for early spring. We'll get yet another dose of Venusian fervor as the month draws to a close — Libra, the flirtatious air sign ruled by the planet of love, will host the illuminating full moon on the 28th and allow us to make space for more light and beauty in our lives.


Aries (March 21 – April 19)

The month begins with Mars, your ruling planet, moving into your house of communication and information. Speaking your mind and asking for what you want already came pretty easily to your fiery sign, but this transit will remove any lingering self-doubt in this area of your life. Focus your efforts toward everyday work, chores, and interactions — these may seem like mundane outlets for such powerful Martian energy, but taking this route will lead to the greatest rewards. You'll positively shine while attacking your to-do list and commanding the attention of the group chat, impressing those around you in the process. They might not be able to match your enthusiasm, though, but don't take that to heart. 

Your favorite time of year, Aries season, begins on the 20th when the sun moves into your sign for its annual month-long stay. Between this and the ongoing celestial pep talk from Mars, you'll feel downright unstoppable for the duration of this period. It's a wonderful time to chase your dreams and take risks you'd normally put off, especially when it comes to love, thanks to Venus joining up with the sun on the 21st. Just remember that Aries season tends to make everyone a little feistier and your usual horns-first approach might lead to clashes or awkward friction.


Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Have your firmest handshake and most winning smile ready, Taurus. This month is your chance to win friends and influence people. Ruling planet Venus moved into your career sector late last month and your interactions at work will be imbued with its heart-warming energy for much of March. Viewed one way, this transit is your opportunity to rediscover (or realize for the first time) what you really, truly love about your job — maybe it's your coworkers or the way you feel after a particularly productive day. Viewed in another, slightly more cynical light, having Venus in your career zone means having an extra charming ace in the hole when it comes to negotiating with higher-ups or networking with promising connections. Either way, you can work this transit to your benefit if you wish.

Venus will move into your house of friends and community on the 21st, just in time for a little play after all that work. Your wider social circle is requesting your presence, dear Bull. Reach out to the friends you love spending time with but aren't always the first ones you call. It's time to check-in, catch up, and reconnect with these people (as safely as you can, of course). Take note of the (perhaps smaller, more remote) parts yourself that light up along the way.


Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Last month's Mercury retrograde tried your patience and tested your resolve, Gem, but the skies are about to make up for those delays and frustrations in a big way. Namely, on March 3, Mars will move into your sign and serve as the celestial jumper cable you've been hankering for, imbuing you with the energy, motivation, and confidence to be completely yourself. Shed your shyness and set your expectations as high as you wish — this month wants you to grab the steering wheel with both hands. If you found yourself in a holding pattern last month, retrace your path to the last time you felt on track toward your goals, then put the pedal to the metal.

If the path ahead is muddier than you remember, sit tight until the new moon on the 13th. This lunar phase will help you clarify your career goals and hopefully smooth out some bumps in the road. Mercury will move into your work zone a few days later on the 15th and reveal exactly how you can use your gift of gab to excel. As you work your charismatic magic, keep in mind that management's idea of success and your personal definition of progress (which you can refine as needed during your new moon reflections) may, at some point deviate.


Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

March begins quietly for you, Cancer, putting you in a rebuilding and refocusing state of mind. After a rather harrowing Mercury retrograde last month, it's well within your right to take a week or two to recharge and restore. Yes, this means zoning out to your favorite ambient TV show, but it also means thinking through your decisions from the last month or so and reviewing where they've brought you. Don't let this line of thinking open up channels of needless regret — rather, you should revisit the recent past to let it inform your immediate future. This is a lovely moment to make sure you're on the right track and, if needed, correct course before continuing ahead.

Aries season, which begins on the 20th, will keep this theme going, as it is your annual opportunity to check in with your professional progress. When Venus joins the sun in your career sector the following day, your thoughts will specifically turn toward the social connections you've forged in the workplace and how those serve you. Perhaps your work wife has become a dear friend outside of the office, as well. Maybe you've finally found a mentor from whom you can learn a great deal. Or, it's possible that you're getting to know the right person to help you level up in a major way — and get slightly closer to your long-term goals. 


Leo (July 23 – August 22)

The new moon will arrive on the 13th and ask you to examine the interlocking systems that provide you with support. You may find that you rely upon a combination of your own efforts and those of others — perhaps your significant other, your parents, or your friends. Resist the urge to judge how you cultivate a sense of safety and longevity (or who provides you with those feelings, for that matter). Rather, this transit should help you determine, as objectively as possible, whether you're comfortable with the current exchanges or if you're bristling under the impression of owing — or being owed — something.

The sun moves into Aries on the 20th, kicking off a month of wanderlust. You feel this itch every time Aries season rolls around, but this year it will be harder to scratch. Under regular circumstances, this is a wonderful time to take a faraway trip or take up a new, enlightening hobby that exposes you to new, enlightening people. Your movement and interactions may be limited at the moment, but you can still find enrichment in your immediate surroundings. The next 30 days will feel much warmer and more rewarding if you can broaden your horizons from home, perhaps by joining a book club or adding a finicky plant to your collection. Challenge yourself in a way that welcomes growth, Leo, and watch your wanderlust dwindle.


Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

As this blustery month begins, remember the grounding message from last month's full moon, which took place in your very own sign. You are capable, even when the odds are stacked against you, even when the voice in your head turns toward harsh self-critique, you are so very capable, Virgo. If you're still questioning your potential, mark your calendar for the 3rd, when firebrand Mars will move into your career sector. Rather than refuting your self-doubt, this transit will simply drown it out, highlighting your ambitions in bright neon and pushing you to act, minor flaws be damned. 

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There's something you've been eager to do; to execute a passion project and put it out into the world; to demand your reward and receive it promptly. But, that eagerness is usually hindered by your sign's innate desire to polish and perfect. Just this once, ignore that instinct and see what comes when you do, Virgo. Recognition and rewards will likely follow, and, perhaps more importantly, you'll reconsider your understanding of what it means to be "enough." 


Libra (September 22 – October 23)

Ready to streamline and define your daily grind, Libra? After a smooth start to March, thanks in no small part to last month's grounding full moon in your house of privacy and restoration, you'll have two shining opportunities to focus on your work, wellness, and routines with renewed focus and aplomb. The first will come on the 13th in tandem with the new moon, which will help you see where your health priorities ought to be and where you can relieve some pressure. The second will arrive on the 15th, when Mercury moves into Pisces and drums up new activity in your daily life. Being (or getting) organized will be key to keeping your head above water as your to-do list grows and your schedule reaches capacity.

The full moon on the 28th will take place in your very own sign, highlighting all the work you've done in the last month — and, perhaps more importantly, why those efforts are important to celebrate. Like your neighboring sign Virgo, you tend to have a bit of a perfectionist streak, Libra, which can compel you to withhold praise and self-love if you fall slightly short of the lofty expectations you set for yourself. Let this lunar phase be your reminder to pat yourself on the back, even when you would give yourself a nine out of 10.


Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

It may be grey and bleak outside, but the stars are offering you a spring break of the soul. Not only has the sun been in your house of pleasure since Pisces season began last month, but the new moon will pay it a brief visit on the 13th and cerebral Mercury will come by for a slightly longer stay on the 15th. As a result, you will take your playtime very seriously. Speaking your truth, seeing the humor in all things, and even playing hooky from your responsibilities will feel incredibly fulfilling — and the new moon will help you realize why, exactly, certain things spark joy over others. Is there a constant theme running through your sources of happiness? Do they provide a similar sense of relief? Do they stem from the same source? This line of questioning shouldn't be intended to judge but, rather, to determine how you might maximize and sustain your joy.

The sun will move into your wellness sector on the 20th and turn your thoughts toward your needs (rest, rejuvenation, reflection) that might not ignite any passions but keep you afloat nonetheless. Which begs the question — can you find joy in simply taking care of yourself, Scorpio?


Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

It was a great mercy when Mercury retrograde ended at the end of February and lifted the fog in which you found yourself for much of the month, Sag. Further relief on the Mercury front is on the way when it slips its way into your home and hearth zone on the 15th. Normally, the great unknown beckons so that you might neglect your household tasks, but when the fleet-footed messenger planet makes this transit, you'll find it more satisfying to address your domestic needs. This doesn't just mean you'll finally get around to organizing the pile of clothes on that one chair — you could also delve more deeply into how you show care for your home (and the people who live in it). Acts of service and conversations full of reminiscences will feel especially good right now.

Speaking of feeling good, Aries season will begin on the 20th and kick off a time of creative rejuvenation. Watch for opportunities to express your joy and sense of humor — both will be in abundance for the next month, if you heed the sun's message to prioritize play. With this period of exuberance will naturally come some vulnerability. As much as you like to keep people at a distance, it's important to let them in if you wish to share your vision, Sag.


Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

It's an earth sign's greatest dream: All things practical will be your focus for the month ahead, sturdy Capricorn. First up, Mars will supercharge the sector that rules your wellness and routines, making even the most annoying personal maintenance tasks feel like a breeze. In fact, you may feel motivated to take your self-care up a notch and, say, overhaul your go-to breakfast (a pot of black coffee does not a meal make) or insert regular breaks into your workday. This is an excellent time to act on goals you've been putting off around your well-being — just approach them gently and reject an all-or-nothing mindset if you veer off course.

Up next is your communication zone, which will be treated to a visit from the new moon on the 13th and a longer stay from Mercury on the 15th. The former will snap your thoughts into crystalline clarity (if you carve out some quiet time to let it, that is). Two days later, the latter will show you just how much you can accomplish after that evening of mental TLC. Your mind won't be quiet during Mercury's stay, but it will certainly be efficient. Problem-solving, mediation, and casual debates will shed their usual tedium in your eyes. Instead, you'll find a new sense of accomplishment in putting your brain to work and unfurling whatever puzzle is put in front of you.


Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Pisces season always finds you with money on your mind, Aquarius. As much as you'd like to think of yourself as beyond the bounds of the material realm, financial matters are going to pull your focus for the first half of March, and increased activity in your money zone midway through the month will only heighten your cash awareness. First, on the 13th, the new moon will show you why it's so important to pay attention to your finances, without judgment, shame, or anxiety. Adopting an objective perspective will help you determine what's best for your financial health. And then, on the 15th, when Mercury moves in for a brief stay, you'll find the wherewithal to start making moves toward the goals you laid out for yourself during the new moon. The following weeks will be particularly well-suited for brainstorming side hustles or, simply, asking for a raise.  

Luckily, Mars will be supercharging your house of pleasure and play from the 3rd onward, all but demanding that you demand some leisure time in the midst of your money-making efforts.


Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Mars moves into your home zone on the 3rd, setting the scene for a month spent feathering your nest. You'll finally have the kind of decisive energy you need to bring your DIY vision board to life, but that same energy could see you uncharacteristically steamrolling the people with whom you share your home. You have a very clear idea of what comfort means to you right now, but don't let that override the needs of your loved ones. If you as people can coexist in the same space, you can find a way for your perspectives to, as well.

The new moon on the 13th arrives in your sign, sparking optimism and insecurity in equal measure. If possible, carve out some alone time during this lunar phase and spend it thinking about yourself — as you are in that very moment, who you might be in two weeks' time on the full moon, and the person that you could grow into even beyond that point. You're an old soul Pisces, and it's easy to feel like you appeared on this plane fully formed and realized, but your capacity to grow is boundless. You simply have to pinpoint the direction you wish to extend yourself toward.

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