Your Libra Monthly Horoscope for August

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The temperature isn’t the only thing coming in hot: As we move into this brand-new month, Leo energy is making everything extra extra. Although you’re a balanced air sign, you enjoy Leo’s joie de vivre. And when the New Moon in Leo on August 8 activates your 11th house of community, you’re invited to connect with an even larger audience. Some astrologer talk: Before the internet, the 11th house, which rules community, existed mostly as a concept. But now thanks to social media, the energy of the 11th house is at our fingertips—we have the ability to broaden our reach, join large-scale networks, and align with other like-minded stargazers who truly share our values. We know that these virtual platforms aren’t just for cataloging selfies; they’re also tools for radical social change. It’s time to think big, Libra darling!

Keep reaching for the stars, because even if you’re not quite sure what you’re grabbing at, you’ll soon receive powerful cosmic clarity thanks to the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 22. This is actually the second Full Moon in Aquarius of the season (the first occurred on July 23), making it extremely potent. As the vivid Sun (symbolizes external identity and outward expression) in fiery Leo faces off with the elusive Moon (representing your inner-world and emotional sensitivities), you’ll be motivated to fuel action with passion. How do you express yourself creatively? Artistically? Intuitively? Your imagination offers limitless potential, Libra, so don’t be afraid to tap into your inner child. When in doubt, grab a pair of scissors, a few old magazines (Cosmopolitan, duh), and start working on a vision board. This is your life, Libra! You make the rules!

Just a few short hours after the Full Moon, the Sun says “buh-bye” to Leo as it cruises into Virgo on August 22. Buckle your seatbelt, because this is going to be…important. The Sun’s movement through Virgo illuminates the area of your chart known as the 12th house—the final frontier. This is the last stop before the Sun enters Libra next month (signifying your birthday season, woohoo!), so the next few weeks are all about concluding cycles that are no longer serving your spirit.

This is a major spiritual exhale, which means you’ll be spearheading monumental changes in nearly every area of life—but this transformation will be coming straight for your psyche. Be sure to spend a lot of time reflecting, mediating, and, yes, even sleeping. You want your subconscious to be an open and accessible space, so during this time, less is more. Don’t be afraid to look inward, Libra. It may sound corny, but all the answers you seek already exist within. You got this!

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