Would you wear the Christmas party outfits that broke the internet?

These 5 Christmas party outfits broke the internet – but which one would YOU be brave enough to wear?

  • Many took to social media to ask strangers advice on their party ensembles
  • Read More: Woman’s pale green dress divides opinion for being ‘too revealing’

Christmas party season is here, and many of us can relate to the struggle of finding something appropriately festive to wear.

So it’s no wonder people from around the world have taken to social media to ask strangers’ advice on their party ensembles, however some of the outfit suggestions have raised eyebrows for all the wrong reasons. 

One woman who wanted to reuse a pale green dress she wore to a summer wedding to a party-goer was told it was far too revealing, while another was told a bustier was ‘unsuitable’ for her office Christmas party.

FEMAIL takes a look at Christmas party outfits that divided opinion and broke the internet. Would you be brave enough to wear any?

The Reddit user opted for the ASOS DESIGN Curve cowl neck pencil midi dress, costing £38


A woman from Bristol, posted on the PlusSizeFashion thread Reddit page asking for feedback on her £38 frock.

She shared a picture of herself donning an asymmetrical sage green dress, with the material on one side coming down just past her knees, paired with open toe heels.

She wrote of the ASOS DESIGN Curve cowl neck pencil midi dress: ‘Wore this dress to a wedding in the summer. Do you think it would be ok for my work Christmas party?

‘Don’t have many dresses that I like. Always feel self conscious in dresses and is hard to find ones to fit my chest and also bum. Thank you.’

Users were quick to chime in with their opinions and compliment the dress.

One Redditor wrote ‘the dress is beautiful, and you look gorgeous in it. In my opinion it’s a bit too summery for a Christmas party. I guess it depends on venue and dress code.

She suggested ‘maybe you could add darker accessories? like a dark green shawl/cardigan as well as a darker shoe and some nylons/tights to make it more winter appropriate’.

Others penned ‘Would be sooooo pretty with a faux fur jacket omg’ and ‘Yes definitely.. a bit of sparkle needs adding for a Xmas vibe. I love outfits you can wear multiple times in different seasons’.

However, some users dubbed the frock as ‘too summery’ and ‘too chesty’ for a work event.

Someone explained ‘I love the dress on you, but the neckline is waaaay too deep and the slit up the side is also a bit too far for a company party’.

Another added ‘It depends on what you do for a living…. As a summer dress it’s ok but depending on the type of Xmas party, it may be a bit over the top in how revealing it is’.

Meanwhile, one user wrote ‘Too summery for winter. Too chesty, too much leg for a work event’. 

While another woman divided opinion which left some to question whether it’s ‘suitable attire’ for an office celebration


Another woman divided opinion with a Zara top that some said was not ‘suitable attire’ for an office celebration.

The party-goer took to UK parenting forum Mumsnet to discuss the details of her ensemble.

She explained that she had found the top she wanted to wear – an asymmetric bustier from Zara – but was struggling to pick out the shoes, earrings and trousers to team the £59.99 garment with.

While many said they loved the outfit option, one person suggested it was too ‘revealing’, and another was left warning some ‘boobs were probably too big for this’.

In a post titled ‘Bustier for office Christmas party’, the woman explained: ‘I’m planning to get this bustier from Zara for my office Christmas party, which is black tie/cocktail dress code. (It will come back into stock in time. It WILL.)

‘What would you pair it with?,’ she asked. ‘I’m thinking chandelier earrings not unlike the model’s and maybe some wide-leg velvet trousers in a contrasting tone?

‘Shoes? I don’t want to wear heels if I can help it,’ she concluded in the post, shared on November 19.

However, her post caused a mixed reaction.

One person wrote: ‘Are you absolutely sure that this is suitable attire for your office Christmas party?

‘I’d have thought most people wouldn’t consider something so revealing in my honest opinion.’

The original poster rushed to reply, saying: ‘If a cocktail dress is acceptable, why wouldn’t trousers and a top be?

‘I would be revealing less skin than most people in dresses, unless they wear maxi dresses, and pretty much all of it would be shoulder. I won’t look busty in it, because I’m not.’

She continued: ‘Here’s how it looks in a straight shot from the front where the model isn’t bending towards the camera. It’s not a revealing garment.’

Others agreed with the woman, with one individual saying: ‘I agree it is not a revealing garment, but how often will you end up wearing it? Is it really worth it for an office Christmas party?

‘I think it’s lovely and actually fairly modest in that your boobs are covered,’ said another.

New York City-based influencer Roan McLean shared the lacy outfit she put together on her TikTok account before heading to a party she was attending in a professional capacity


Another party goer raised eyebrows with a very revealing ensemble which she wore to her work Christmas party.

New York City-based influencer Roan McLean shared the lacy outfit on her TikTok account before heading to a party.

For the occasion, she opted to wear a see-through lacy bodysuit with equally racy black lingerie, with a blush pink winter coat to keep the chill out.

While some people loved the outfit and said they would wear something similar if they had Roan’s looks, others said the bodysuit was too revealing for a festive party, even if she was attending an event for influencers.

She paired it with a lacy black bra and a thong that left very little to the imagination.

While Roan was confident about the look she put together, other felt it was a bit racy for a festive occasion.

‘Don’t take the coat off at the party,’ one sneered. ‘We go to very different holiday parties,’ one said.

‘Too scandalous? Ya think,’ one added.

Some said they loved the look and that they didn’t understand the negative attention Roan’s outfit was getting.

‘My insecurity could never but you ROCK this suit, damn girl,’ one said.

Katie Oldham, from Brighton, said the view of her outfit from the back ‘humbled her real quick’


When Katie Oldham, from Brighton, found a silver sequined two-piece ahead of her company’s celebrations, she went in feeling confident and chic.

That is, until she caught a glimpse of what it looked like from behind in the background of a colleague’s photo.

The fashionista uploaded a TikTok featuring three photos she had taken on the night of the party which has gone on to amass over five million views.

With her hair styled in 70s-inspired curls, Katie paired her statement co-ord with a brown faux-fur jacket and happily posed for photos with a drink in hand.

She captioned the images: ‘What I thought I looked like at the office Christmas party…’

The clip then jumps to another photo where Katie’s back is visible in the background.

Using a skull emoji, she captioned the photo: ‘What everyone else saw.’

‘How to get humbled real quick,’ Katie hilariously captioned the video.

Since sharing the TikTok earlier this month, Katie’s video has racked up over 486,000 ‘likes’ and viewers reassured her she looked ‘gorgeous’ in her outfit.

One replied: ‘Baby the back view is none of your business, out of sight out of mind! You look gorgeous.’

‘Most relatable thing I’ve ever seen,’ another added.

Erika wore this heart-print pink bralette to an unnamed Helsinki restaurant and security guards felt was ‘inappropriate’ 


Elsewhere a woman was kicked out of a restaurant over her ‘inappropriate’ outfit.

Erika Helin, who won Miss Finland in 2018, was enjoying a night out in Helsinki when she was approached by a security guard at the unnamed restaurant bar.

For her evening with friends, the beauty queen wore a pink heart-print bralette with a black tiered mini skirt and high heels.

Although she was allowed entry to the establishment, Erika claimed on Instagram that staff backtracked later in the evening and told her she had to leave.

Detailing the incident on her Instagram Stories, the social media star – who boasts 116,000 followers – described the security guard as a ‘jerk’.

She wrote: ‘Unexpectedly, the jerk came to get me, told me that I had to leave [and] dragged me out of the bar.’

Erika says she was too shocked to ‘object in any way’ while he ‘loudly critcised [her] choice of outfit’ and said it violated the restaurant’s dress code.

She continued: ‘In my opinion, it is contradictory to even take a customer in if the outfit is not suitable.

‘It’s a little sad that your own body is inherently obscene and provokes reactions. I’m sad that we’ve been a customer for years but this left [feeling] me really bad.’

Admitting that she can’t see the problem with her ensemble, Erika added: ‘Maybe I’m too used to the dressing culture of my other home country – [it’s] much more relaxed there.’

She then went on to top a series of photos of the outfit on her feed and labelled the security guard a ‘misogynist’.

However, the post sparked debate in the comments – with some arguing that staff were right to kick Erika out.

One wrote: ‘It looks more like a bikini top, and you can’t go to a bar wearing them.’

Another added: ‘It’s a good outfit to go to the BEACH.’

Meanwhile, a third said: ‘Totally inappropriate for a restaurant.’


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