World's deepest hotel opens in the UK, with beds 1,375 feet below the earth

In need of some rest? You can now pay to have the deepest sleep on the planet, 1,375 vertical feet (or 419 metres) below ground.

Talk about taking a journey to the centre of the earth.

The Deep Sleep hotel, located beneath the mountains of Snowdonia in Wales, is officially the world’s deepest hotel.

Company Go Below opened its doors in April, where guests must journey down through an abandoned Victorian slate mine to reach their accommodation.

The hotel has four private twin-bed cabins and a romantic grotto with a double bed.

A single night stay for two in a private cabin costs £350 while the price for two in the Grotto is £550. And if you’re a single guest, you will have to pay the price of two. Let’s hope they do room service.

You can only book the hotel for a Saturday night through to Sunday morning and getting to your room is far from relaxing.

Upon arrival to the Tanygrisiau Base near Blaenau Ffestiniog guests will be met with their trip leader at 5pm.

From there you will have to complete a 45 minute trek up into the mountains and at the end you’ll get a helmet, light, harness and boots before venturing into the depths of the world’s largest and deepest abandoned slate mine.

We hope you aren’t claustrophobic.

The trip down the mine consists of ancient miners stairwells, old bridges and scrambles and while you try desperately to navigate all that, your instructor will give you a history lesson.

The decent takes a gruelling 60 minutes and once complete you’ll arrive at a set of large steel doors. Welcome to Deep Sleep!

Then, try and relax for the evening with a complimentary meal to enjoy at the picnic table. After that just head off to bed.

It’s also important to note it’s not exactly warm down there. It’s about 10 degrees Celsius so it will feel the same as if you were camping outside. Definitely pack warm clothes.

But don’t expect to get a lie in. All guests must be awake at 8am (on a Sunday, eek!) for a hot drink and breakfast before starting the ascent back up to ground level.

And going up is always harder than coming down. But at least you won’t be hungover, after all there is no alcohol allowed.

You’ll be back at your car at 10:30am at the latest to go home and recover.

It certainly sounds unique…

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