Woman trolled for her DIY cow trough swimming pool in garden before heatwave

A woman who was trolled for installing a DIY pool in her back garden has had the last laugh as a heatwave hits the UK.

Zoe London, who posts on social media as @zoelondondj, was told it was a "bad idea" to build herself a cheap swimming pool in her garden last summer.

But not that temperatures are soaring for the summer – she's glad she didn’t listen to the negative comments.

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The DJ claims to have ‘zero regrets’ about building her own heated mini-pool in her garden, which she managed to create for just £300.

In a video, which has gained more than 1,200 likes, she showed off her below-ground pool is surrounded by decking and is set up near a swish seating area, complete with a corner sofa, chair and parasol.

But when she first installed it, she claimed people thought it was ‘bad idea’ to splash out on a pool outside while living in the UK.

In a post on TikTok from last summer’s heatwave, Zoe explained: “When I’m told it’s a ‘bad idea’ to install a pool in my garden in the UK [and] then there’s a heatwave.

“Fully zero regret. Also, this is a recycled cow trough, it has a cover, it’s cleaned with pool cleaner like any pool, it cost £300 and it’s heated.”

In the comments, she was asked how she managed to make it, she explained: “It’s a recycled cow trough, we dug a hole in the ground and had the decking guy build around it!”

TikTok viewers have since been left impressed by the clip as they took to the comments claiming to want one for themselves.

One user said: "Obsessed! How do you empty it though?! I want to do the same."

Another wrote: “This is incredible.”

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A third commented: “We need a how-to guide asap.”

While a fourth joked: “Can I borrow it for the day? Thanks.”

However, some users were concerned about the size of the pool, as some suggested it was the size of a ‘dog bath at best’,

But Zoe claims it actually fits six people.

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