Woman reveals her husband sneered he made twice her salary during row

Woman is furious after her husband bragged about earning ‘double her salary’ when she jokingly boasted about beating him in a game of cards – but some say SHE is in the wrong for being ungracious

  • British woman had argument with husband over board game on Easter holiday
  • She bragged about winning each round and he made swipe at her lower salary 
  • This launched debate on whether the comment was warranted or out of line 

A woman sparked a debate online when she revealed her husband made a swipe at her salary during a row about board games. 

The woman, believed to be from the UK, explained on Mumsnet that an argument erupted as the couple were playing cards while on an Easter getaway. 

The woman admitted she gloated about winning over her husband at several games, and that he boasted about earning twice as much as her in return. 

This sparked a bigger argument when she replied she had to take a pay cut to raise their children, leading the couple to sleep in separate beds. 

A woman, believed to be from the UK, explained that an argument erupted as the couple were playing cards while on an Easter getaway on the parenting forum Mumsnet. Stock picture 

The woman explained she was bragging about winning over her husband at board games when he made the comment 

After she asked people online to side in the argument, some said the husband’s comments about salary weren’t warranted, while other said the woman could ‘dish it but not take it.’ The woman recounted how the argument came to be. 

After winning a few rounds of Rummy and Uno, the woman said she jokingly said: ‘you can’t beat me at rummy, you can’t beat me at Uno, you can’t beat me at anything.’

She explained her husband did not take kindly to her boasting and replied, ‘I can beat you at salary. I double your salary.’

The woman said she hit back, asking how much he would be earning if she hadn’t taken time off work to look after their children. 

She added she had to quit her job in order to move half across the world for the sake of her husband’s career. 

‘He basically started sulking and turned the whole thing on me. Various claims of “so you’d rather I hadn’t dragged you abroad, so you’d rather we hadn’t had the children etc etc”,’ the woman said. 

Some people said the husband’s comment was unwarranted and showed he was insecure, however, other said some of the wife’s comments were unnecessary as well 

She added that she is happy with the couple’s life but that she took an issue with her husband’s comment.

The argument took such a serious turn that the couple ended up sleeping in separate rooms, with the woman asking people Mumsnet who they thought should apologise to the other. 

Some people did agree the husband’s comment was unwarranted, and that he was being a sore loser. 

People said there was a difference between making fun of someone over a game and attacking them on serious subjects such as their salary 

‘It was a s***** comment. I earn 3 times what my husband does and I would never ever use that against him or even bring it up in conversation,’ one said. 

‘So he got his ego bruised over a game and his reaction was to lash out at you over a really important and by definition sensitive issue. That is very telling,’ another said. 

‘He was being a t***. Actually he was very insensitive and you called him out on it, which he clearly doesn’t like,’ another wrote. 

Other people agreed the husband’s comment were unkind, but also called but the wife for not being a gracious winner. 

‘What he said was unkind, but he was just reacting to your smug comments. Moral, if you cant take it don’t dish it out,’ one said. 

‘To be honest, I think if you’ve been a bit over sensitive. Unless salary is a consistent sticking point, it’s just two people joking with each other. 

Some said the wife would ‘dish it but not take it’ and was being too smug. Others insisted the husband was at fault  

I’m not sure that telling someone they’re s*** at all the games holds much of a higher ground even in “joking” terms,’ one said. 

‘Hmm to be honest, I think when people make unkind comments and then go “ugh God was just a joke!”, that’s very annoying,’ another wrote. 

‘And each to their own but I cannot stand ungracious winners, it ruins the game, even in jest. If you dish it out you need to be able to take it,’ they added. 

People said both the wife ands the husband needed to apologise.  

‘Your initial comment was jokey and he took the next comment way too far and was below the belt,’ one wrote. 

‘However your next comment, especially about the children was very rude and unnecessary,’ they went on.  

‘You have contributed to ruining what should have been a nice Easter break, you both need to apologise,’ one wrote. 

‘Sounds like you can dish it out, but you can’t take it,’ another said.

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