Woman reveals dating app chat with very indecent proposal

A woman has shared a very indecent proposal she received on a dating app.

Twitter user @madisonmelier took to the social media app to show others and get their opinion on the bizarre exchange.

She captioned the tweet: ‘Attempting to resist posting dating app screenshots but I NEED y’all’s opinion on this because lol.’

A screenshot followed that showed a conversation between her and a male user on the dating app Feeld, which is described as ‘a modern dating app connecting like-minded individuals for fulfilling relationships,’ embracing desires, and exploring intimacy.

The conversation begins with the woman typing: ‘Haha my name is Madison, yours?’

The man then replies to say his name is ‘Geoff’ along with a pleasant greeting. However, from there, the conversation takes a turn.

After asking if she was Greek, ‘Geoff’ adds: ‘Also my dad just saw your profile because he was asking me what I was up to and he was like..wow! Would she be interested in an MMF or sloppy seconds haha.’

An additional message reads: ‘We have similar tastes.’

The woman then replies: ‘Umm..I think we may be on different pages.’

Despite the peculiar nature of the interaction, Madison is not deterred and will continue to use dating apps. She believes that overall, they help people connect when used in the right manner.

‘I think a broad opinion on dating apps wouldn’t be fair to the people who create or use them,’ she says.

‘But I will say that I’ve found much more romantic satisfaction using them as an additional tool instead of a primary tool to meet people.’

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