Woman mistakes a hot chocolate ball for a bath bomb

In hot (chocolate) water! Woman reveals hilarious mishap after mistaking a cocoa ball with marshmallows for a bath bomb

  • Photographs of woman bathing in chocolate and marshmallows have gone viral 
  • Loren Rosebery from Chesterfield, shared snaps of her friend on Facebook
  • She joked that her friend mistakenly thought the treats were a bath bomb 

There’s nothing more relaxing than sinking into a hot bath, but one woman found herself in a sticky situation when she dropped a huge ball of chocolate into the water, after mistaking it for a bath bomb. 

The mishap has now gone viral on social media, after her friends shared photos of the murky bath water after the mix up. 

Loren Rosebery who lives in Chesterfield, took to Facebook’s Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips to share a selection of hilarious photographs her friend sent on Snapchat.

Choosing not to name her friend, she explained the woman had run a bath in the hopes of relaxing, only to realise that she had mistaken a hot chocolate ball full of marshmallows for a bath bomb. 

Loren Rosebery who lives in Chesterfield, shared a selection of photographs (pictured) that have gone viral on Facebook

Loren posted photographs of the brown ball her friend had placed in the bath and a selection of photos showing her sitting in murky water. 

Sharing the joke, she wrote: ‘So my amazing friend (who would prefer to not be named!) thought she’d got herself a lovely new bath bomb, turns out it was bloody hot chocolate with marshmallows included an everything. Too good not to share!’

The post quickly racked up over 3,000 shares and hundreds of comments as the Facebook group boasts over 103,000 members – with many saying it ‘made’ their day.

One person said: ‘Your poor friend but this made me roar with laughter’

‘Lol this has made my day. Thank you for sharing, definitely the sort of thing that I’d do,’ another wrote.  

Loren explained her friend ended up bathing in brown water after mistaking a hot chocolate ball (pictured left) for a bath bomb 

The post racked up over 3,000 comments from amused members of the group, with many admitting it made their day 

Others admitted they’ve had similar mishaps, with one saying: ‘I got given one and thought it was a truffle, then the chocolate and marshmallows flew at my eyes’ 

Another said: ‘My friend the other week bit into a bath melt thought they were chocolates’

A third joked: ‘Oh no! What a waste of chocolate and marshmallows!’  

Skeptical of the mistake, another wrote: ‘But don’t you put bomb into water then when it’s dissolved you get in’ 

Other responses to the thread joked that they’ve had similar mistakes, including mistaking a bath melt for chocolate 

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