The Highest Grossing Sean Connery Films, Ranked

Sean Connery was a Scottish actor born on August 25, 1930, in Edinburgh, Scotland, and passed away on October 31, 2020. From 1962 until 1983, Connery played James Bond in seven movies, including From Russia with Love, Goldfinger, and others.Before moving to the theaters, Connery began his career as a bodybuilder. He appeared in several British films and TV shows before his breakout role as James Bond.

In addition to his success in theaters, Connery was an advocate for Scottish independence and a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Throughout his career, Connery received numerous nominations and won several awards and accolades, including an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Untouchables, three Golden Globe Awards, and a BAFTA Award for Best Actor for his performance in The Name of the Rose. Queen Elizabeth II knighted Connery in 2000 for his contributions to film drama.

8 The Untouchables (1987)-$106.2 million

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The Untouchables is a crime movie written by David Mamet and directed by Brian De Palma based on a (1957) novel of the same title. A federal Agent Eliot Ness sets out to stop a ruthless gang Al Capone terrorizing the city. He is forced to pick a small team to help him achieve his goal. Jimmy Malone (Sean Connery) is among those selected by Eliot. The movie received positive reviews from critics and was nominated for several awards. Connery won an Academy Award for his role as the Best Supporting Actor.

7 The Hunt for Red October (1990) -$122 million

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The Hunt for Red October is a 1990 American action thriller film directed by John McTiernan, based on Tom Clancy’s 1984 novel of the same title. Sean Connery plays Soviet submarine commander Marko Ramius in the movie, and Alec Baldwin plays CIA analyst Jack Ryan. The plot revolves around Ramius, who embarks on a mission with his Red October submarine to defect to the United States using the submarine’s advanced spy satellites.

6 Goldfinger (1964) -$124 million

Goldfinger is a 1964 spy film directed by Guy Hamilton and the third instalment in the James Bond film series, starring Sean Connery as James Bond. The film is adapted from the novel of the title by Ian Fleming. Auric Goldfinger, a wealthy businessman suspected of smuggling gold out of the country, is the focus of James Bond’s investigation in the film. The film received a positive review from audiences and critics alike. Many consider it one of the best James Bond films ever made.

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5 First Knight (1995) -$127 million

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This is a romantic adventure film directed by Jerry Zucker, starring Sean Connery as King Arthur, Richard Gere as Lancelot, and Julia Ormond as Guinevere. The movie tells the classic tale of the legendary King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, focusing on the love triangle between King Arthur, his queen Guinevere, and the brave knight Lancelot. The film was a box office success and received mixed reviews from critics.

4 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003) -$179 million

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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a 2003 action film directed by Stephen Norrington and starring Sean Connery, Shane West, Stuart Townsend, and Peta Wilson. The film is based on Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s comic book series of the same title. The film received mixed reviews from critics and performed poorly at the box office. Regardless, it has developed a cult following over time. It was Sean Connery’s final film before retiring from acting.

3 Entrapment (1999) -$212 million

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In this 1996 crime action film, Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones star alongside others. Jon Amiel is the film’s director, while Ronald Bass wrote the screenplay. Connery steals a work of art and ships it to Kuala Lumpur in his position as a burglar. Gin, an insurance investigator, seeks to work with Connery by going undercover. The film received mixed reviews from critics and performed well at the box office.

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2 The Rock (1996) -$335 million

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The Rock is an American action thriller written by Mark Rosner, David Weisberg and Douglas S. Cook. Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage, Ed Harris, William Forsythe, and Michael Biehn all appear in the movie. A dishonest Brigadier General, Frank Hummel (Ed Harris), threatens the US government to launch rockets on the city of San Francisco from Alcatraz Island. Chemical experts Stanley Goodspeed (Nicolas Cage) is sent on an urgent mission with a former British spy, John Mason (Sean Connery), sent stop Gen.Frank. The Rock was the seventh-highest-grossing film in the United States in 1996. It also managed to be the fourth-highest-grossing film in the world in the same year.

1 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) -$475.8 million

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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is an American action-adventure film directed by Steven Spielberg from a story co-written by executive producer George Lucas. It was released on May 24, 1989. It is the third instalment in the Indiana Jones franchise and a sequel to Raiders of the Lost Ark, released in 1981. Indiana Jones sets out to rescue his father, who has vanished while searching for the Holy Grail. The movie won Oscar awards for Best Effects and Sound Effects Editing, among other honors. It was a box office success earning, grossing $475.8 million worldwide.

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