Stacey Solomon’s funniest fails – ‘I was suddenly naked in front of the whole class!’

Stacey Solomon continues to prove that you can't take life too seriously, and sometimes you just have to laugh at your own misfortune.

The Loose Women panellist continues to share her embarrassing moments with fans, and shared her latest awkward blunder on Wednesday, 16 August, that led to her accidentally exposing herself in an exercise class.

Treadmill troubles

In a video posted to her Instagram story, Stacey explained that she'd just had one of the most "humbling" experiences of her life.

Explaining how she decided to take an exercise class, Stacey said: "I'm in the class and it goes like treadmill for a little while then you go on the floor and do something.

"So we were on the treadmill and all of a sudden, I don't know what happened, like I don't know if I just lost concentration for a moment. Like one minute I was running- on the treadmill like a gazelle and then the next minute the treadmill was dragging me down to the floor by my leggings."

She continued: "And I'd fallen over but as I fell the treadmill was still going round on my leggings so it like stripped me naked in front of the whole class.

"I had a thong on and my leggings were just going down and down." And although she was left embarrassed, Stacey was mostly okay after her sister pulled the treadmill's emergency stop.

Fake tan faux-pas

This isn't the first funny fail Stacey has shared with her fans, having previously shown off a fake tan fail that left her and her husband Joe Swash with glowing teeth.

At the time, Stacey shared a hilarious video, telling fans: "Me, Joe and Zach are up packing. We both had a spray tan and we're going to end up paler when we come home.

To which Joe added: "Look how white my teeth are!" And showing off her own teeth, Stacey quipped: "Look at mine! My teeth aren't my real teeth so they really glow!"

Passport problems

And another awkward moment the TV personality shared with her fans was her attempts to get a passport photo of her daughter Belle.

Sharing a snap of the youngster crying, Stacey told the camera: "I’m actually full-on sweating in this booth. It’s IMPOSSIBLE. And we have her passport appointment tomorrow. Send help."

On top of the video, a chuckling Stacey explained: “I’m trying to get Belle’s passport and it’s not going well.”

Wardrobe woes

Stacey has also been no stranger to a wardrobe fail, with one being pointed out by her fans after she shared a sweet photo of herself and her daughter Rose wearing cute matching outfits.

However, while the photo may have been adorable, eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed something off about Stacey's outfit, as one commented: "You do realise your dress is on backwards [laughing emojis] b****y fantastic, only you @staceysolomon."

One user responded: "may be backwards but that dress is nice!" while another said: "[laughing emojis] that's why we love stacey."

Location blunder

Another blunder shared by the TV presenter saw her get her location wrong while filming for her show Sort Your Life Out.

Revealing how she had been saying hi to everyone around her, Stacey told one member of the TV crew: "Do you know what, everybody is so friendly. I love Hull – it’s the friendliest place."

To which they asked: "Why do you keep telling everybody you love Hull?" Only for Stacey to then realise that she had read her diary wrong, and they were actually filming in Lincolnshire not Hull.

Spinach smile

Stacey shared that she was left in stitches after sharing a professional photoshoot on her Instagram page, when fans noticed something she hadn't.

"Gorgeous photos. But, am I the only one who's noticed Stacey has something stuck in her teeth? I'm sure it can be edited out though. X" asked one observant fan.

And responding to this, Stacey took to her Instagram story, as she said: "Oh, I didn't even notice and now it's all I can see when I look at the pictures. I don't sleep and I eat all day, like, I'm surprised it's just the one picture with the herb in the tooth. At least you know my photos aren't edited."

Adding text over the video, she wrote: "Note to self: brush your teeth when your friend says 'let me take some special newborn pictures for you' Ffs."

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