South African Sisters Behind Decor Brand Mo's Crib Bring Their Sustainable, Stylish Essential Goods Stateside

When it comes to home decor, you can always find a spot for a new well-crafted and eclectic piece to add to your space. It becomes even easier to do when chic pieces can pull double duty: Liven up a space while also being utilized for a wide variety of things. Mo’s Crib has plenty of pieces that do just that. Essentials with a twist.

The South African decor brand, spearheaded by sister duo Mo and Michelle Mokone, has been specializing in equipping spaces with sustainable and ethical housewares, including baskets and planters made of recyclable PVC plastic, since 2016. Though they operate from Pretoria, their goods are making their way Stateside. The ladies are launching an e-commerce site going live this week shipping to the U.S. for the first time. They’re also making major moves by having their products available through Crate & Barrel’s site and in stores as well.

Their best-selling line is the aforementioned PVC Collection made from PVC water pipes pulled from landfills and construction sites across Africa to help lessen PVC plastic pollution. The added perk of using this material is that Mo’s Crib is able to turn it into thin strips, through a patented process, to be used to weave durable, washable and bug-resistant pieces for in-home and outdoors. The women artisans in Pretoria who craft the wares are uplifted by the business, as they’re paid fair wages, have in-house healthcare and wellness checkups, as well as access to housing, transportation and more. So not only is Mo’s Crib making great, useful, stylish essential goods, but they get to make a difference at the same time. In addition to that, there is also the Grass woven collection of placemats, baskets and planters made from Lala palm leaves, as well as the Tlou range of large baskets and placemats made of dried elephant grass and the upcoming bold and bendable baskets made of sisal fiber for the Sisal collection.

The e-commerce site is set to go live on July 22, while select planters are now available at Crate & Barrel. Check out the handmade housewares from this growing business (starting at $22 for woven trays and up to $120 for large PVC laundry baskets) and be sure to support these changemakers in the decor business.

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