Sonja Morgan Confronted Over Her Drinking Following Physical Altercation with RHONY Costar

Morgan broke the glass around a hotel fire extinguisher during the incident — with Leah fearing her new nose would be next!

Newcomer Bershan Shaw got her first taste of a real “Housewives” fight on Tuesday’s new episode of “The Real Housewives of New York” — after getting into a physical altercation with a tipsy and angry Sonja Morgan.

Shaw had really riled up her costars at the end of the previous episode, after calling the other women “boring grandmas” during a cast dinner in Salem, Massachusetts. She also took aim at Morgan,  who she said “always [wants] to be a f—— clown.” Last night, through a series of flashbacks, viewers learned the fight not only continued at the group’s hotel, but escalated.

Leah McSweeney was caught in the middle of the fracas, which was sparked by Shaw saying Morgan was acting “drunk,” a big trigger for Sonja. “You don’t know me,” Morgan shot back, while screaming and putting her fingers in Bershan’s face. Pushes were thrown, Leah and producers had to physically restrain Sonja, who went on to break the glass around one of the hotel’s fire extinguishers. It was a mess.

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“I was worried they were going to f—ing hit my nose,” joked McSweeney, who recently got a nose job. While the women agreed Shaw crossed a line by commenting on Sonja’s drinking, they were also concerned about how Morgan acts when she’s had too much. “I’m worried about her and I want her to get better,” said Luann de Lesseps, Ramona Singer said Sonja had a drinking problem, while Leah felt they were all “irresponsible” if they didn’t talk to Morgan about it. With that, they decided to sit Sonja down and try — again — to get through to her.

“Bershan didn’t help, but this isn’t just an isolated incident,” added Leah.

While Sonja and Bershan made up, Leah, Lu and Ramona still pulled Morgan aside during another group outing to try and talk some sense into her about her drinking. She wasn’t exactly open to the conversation.

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“I want to let you know that this is not coming from a place of judgment whatsoever. I want you to hear me out. I think that it would be absolutely irresponsible and f—ed up of us to not say we think the drinking is going to hurt you at this point. We are worried and we want to help.”

Morgan swore she doesn’t drink at home or on dates and is only like this with them, before Ramona pointed out how “angry” she’s been when drunk recently. Added Leah: “If you’re going to drink, I at least want you to enjoy yourself.”

When Sonja started to shift the blame to Bershan’s comments, Ramona said Morgan’s “reactions are just over the top” and that’s what was most concerning. “Don’t feel like you can’t reach out, don’t feel ashamed,” Lead added, saying they could have “an open level of communication” about her drinking. Sonja said she’s been speaking with “professionals” for a long time.

“I’m good,” she added, as Ramona told her it was all coming from “a place of love.”

With that, the conversation ended, with no real progress made. “We tried,” added Leah in a confessional.

“The Real Housewives of New York” airs Tuesdays on Bravo.

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