Skincare mistake is potentially ageing you

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“Although fine lines and wrinkles are a natural part of ageing there are various products that can help slow down the progression and minimise them,” skincare expert Sarah J Thomas told However, when it comes to choosing the right skincare, there is a common mistake people make which could end up “making the skin worse”.

Sarah is a lifestyle and well-being blogger who shares content to her Instagram page @sarahjthomas, as well as the co-founder of Clockface Beauty, a waterless, vegan skincare brand which she launched alongside her mum. Though a beauty regime is essential to keep the skin healthy and hydrated, “overdoing it” is one of the main mistakes people often make.

“Keep it simple and keep it natural,” she said. “My most important piece of advice is to be consistent with your routine, if you keep mixing your skincare products up all of the time you can end up making the skin worse. It’s also important to keep consistent for the best long-term results too.”

When washing and cleansing your face, opting for a gentle product will be more beneficial to the skin. “Exfoliating your skin aggressively [can cause damage],” explained Sarah. “A good scrub is an essential part of your skincare routine, however, be gentle, enjoy the process, use small circular motions across the face and neck, and gently remove with warm water.”

Though moisturisers and serums are recommended, the most important step of a skincare routine is perhaps the most simple of all. Sarah explained: “Use an SPF daily. Preventing sun damage is extremely important in the fight against ageing of the skin.”

When choosing skincare products, Sarah suggests identifying your skin’s unique needs and finding a product to benefit these. “Using a product that moisturises and tones is an important step in skin age prevention,” she said.

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“We’d recommend a product rich in ingredients such as avocado oil, which can help revive your skin back to its best health and also help prevent any premature ageing.”

Similarly, Sarah recommends waterless products for ageing skin. “One of the reasons all our skincare is waterless means our products only contain ingredients that actively do something for the skin, which in turn means you need fewer steps in your skincare routine as each product does more,” she said. “It’s so much easier to stay consistent when you don’t have 10 steps in your skincare routine morning and night.

“Our whole skin ethos is built around ‘cleanse, hydrate and nourish’. We have a simple routine with maximum impact, that has created glowing skin time and again, oils and butters are perfect for that radiant glow.”

Sarah’s top anti-ageing skincare routine essential

The beauty guru swears by her own Clockface Beauty Signature Collection Facial Serum, £44. Sarah describes the facial serum as a “one-stop shop” for anti-ageing and one which is a great asset to your skincare artillery.

She said: “It’s a high-performance formulation containing 12 active ingredients. “A perfect balance of antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids, this one product can tone, lift, tighten, protect and hydrate the skin.

“There’s a reason it has been our best-selling product for the last four years and the reason we started Clockface Beauty in the beginning! We would recommend using it morning and night.”

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