Sin City Escapes: The 10 Most Expensive Hotels In Las Vegas

In the heart of the shimmering desert, amid the neon lights and ceaseless entertainment, Las Vegas stands as a testament to the art of indulgence. Sin City, as it’s affectionately known, is a playground for those who seek the very best in hospitality, and within its glittering skyline, you’ll find a collection of the most extravagant and exclusive hotels. From iconic establishments on the famous Las Vegas Strip to hidden gems in the city’s enclaves, this article will delve into the world of lavish accommodations, world-class amenities, and unparalleled experiences that make these hotels the epitome of luxury.

10 Delano Las Vegas – $595 Per Night

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In the heart of the dazzling Las Vegas Strip, the Delano Las Vegas is a relative newcomer, having opened its doors in 2014. Yet, in its brief time on the Strip, it has quickly carved out a reputation as one of the city’s premier luxury destinations. What sets Delano apart is its commitment to providing every guest with a suite, regardless of the room category chosen. From the moment you step into your spacious and elegantly appointed suite, you’ll be enveloped in a world of sophistication and comfort.

9 The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas – $610 Per Night

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Although the Cosmopolitan may be considered one of Las Vegas’ luxurious establishments, it remains among the finest and most costly options. All its rooms are designed with the ambiance of a residential living space in mind. Indeed, this is the choice residence for numerous celebrities who perform in Las Vegas for extended periods. Visitors enthusiastically commend the hotel’s pool, which provides breathtaking panoramic vistas of the city. Furthermore, guests can expect impeccable and polished service throughout the entire hotel.

8 SLS Las Vegas – $725 Per Night

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In the ever-evolving landscape of Las Vegas, the SLS Hotel made a resounding entrance in 2014, signaling its rebirth following an extensive $400 million renovation of the iconic Sahara Hotel. This grand reopening marked a new chapter in the city’s history, one defined by modern luxury and innovative design. With room rates averaging $725 per night, SLS Las Vegas caters to those who seek a truly exceptional experience. From avant-garde furnishings to striking contemporary aesthetics, every corner of SLS exudes a sense of luxury and sophistication that is unparalleled.

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7 Bellagio – $750 Per Night

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The Bellagio is undeniably one of the most identifiable landmarks in Las Vegas, having made appearances in numerous television shows and films over the years. While it is possible to occasionally secure a favorable rate for accommodations here, the average nightly rate hovers around $750. In return, you’ll indulge in opulent evenings in an ambiance inspired by European aesthetics. Even the award-winning restaurants maintain this European influence, a hallmark that has garnered many accolades over the years.

6 Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace – $795 Per Night

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Nestled within Caesars Palace, the Nobu Hotel holds the distinction of being the world’s inaugural Nobu establishment. It is a favored residence of many celebrities visiting Las Vegas, making it an intriguing spot for potential celebrity sightings in the lobby. The hotel exudes an exquisite design, among the most refined you’ll encounter in Sin City. Drawing substantial inspiration from Japanese aesthetics, a stay here may even transport you momentarily from the bustling Vegas atmosphere.

5 Skylofts at MGM Grand – $850 Per Night

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Over the years, MGM Grand has served as the venue for numerous international boxing competitions, establishing a formidable reputation. When you opt to stay at the Skylofts, you’ll secure a private enclave within the hotel. Here, you can select from one to three-bedroom suites, each offering amenities and features that are nothing short of exceptional.

4 Four Seasons Las Vegas – $870 Per Night

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In the realm of luxury accommodations in Las Vegas, the Four Seasons reigns supreme, offering a level of opulence that not only meets but surpasses every expectation. With an average nightly rate of $870, the Four Seasons Las Vegas caters to those who demand the very best in every aspect of their stay. What sets the Four Seasons apart is its collection of opulent skyboxes, perched high above the iconic Las Vegas Strip on the 35th to 39th floors. These exclusive accommodations redefine the concept of luxury, providing guests with a lavish retreat.

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3 Aria Sky Suites – $925 Per Night

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Every suite at Aria offers privacy and features its own private pool, just as a starting point. This exclusive hotel is reserved for the most discerning guests. Included in the room rate is a chauffeured transfer from the airport, ensuring a seamless journey to your expansive 2,000+ square foot suite, available in one or two-bedroom configurations. Guests will also appreciate the spa-like qualities of the luxurious bathroom. The fusion of contemporary design and timeless elegance creates an ambiance that is nothing short of magical.

2 Wynn Las Vegas and Encore – $985 Per Night

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The Wynn made its grand debut years ago, creating a buzz of excitement, and this haven of luxury has continued to exceed expectations. With a combined total of over 4,700 rooms between the Wynn and Encore, the property also boasts a remarkable 20 signature restaurants. You might find it hard to tear yourself away from it to see the sights once you check in — at least until it’s time to check-out.

1 Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas – $1,275 Per Night

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The renowned Waldorf Astoria has a distinctive presence in Las Vegas, and its reception has been highly positive. The property was formerly known as the Mandarin Oriental hotel. Remarkably, it stands as the sole hotel in Las Vegas to have garnered a prestigious triple 5-star luxury rating from Forbes. If you opt for a stay here, you can indulge in a spacious suite spanning an impressive 3,000 square feet, so prepare to be truly captivated.

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