Shoppers are obsessed with this cleaner that 'works for everything'

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You can keep your fashion and beauty hype, it’s the viral cleaning products that REALLY get us excited, and this product has nearly 10,000 reviews.

While a great lash serum or the latest on-trend clutch is a nice-to-have, cleaning is a necessary evil – and having the right products to hand can make the job a far more pleasurable experience.

Plus, cleaning brands are cottoning on to how stylish branding and packaging can ramp up popularity, too, meaning these chic cleaning buys are being plastered all over social media.

Take, for example, Koh’s apparently sensational Universal Cleaner (£18), which not only is being hailed as the ‘best thing since sliced bread’ by shoppers for its cleaning capabilities, but also boasts a rather chic minimal design too to pimp up your kitchen cabinet.

Honestly, look at that thing, it’s a Scandi-cool aesthetic if we’ve ever seen it.

While we’re only relying on the testimonials of its users here, according to the brand the cleaner quite literally does everything, from making surfaces shine to cleaning ovens and shifting soap scum.

Koh’s product also works on textiles like sofas and rugs – even getting rid of pesky stains (see ya, red wine marks). And it’s proved to be a godsend for shoppers.

‘Incredible cleaner for absolutely everything. Almost a miracle!’ one dramatically mused. ‘I use it on deep cleans on conservatory, window frames, skirting boards and also normal cleaning in kitchen and bathrooms. It’s so quick to cut through grease etc. Excellent results.’

‘Been using this product for years. It’s the best thing since sliced bread,’ wrote another evidently happy customer online.

Sharing how they use it in the home, one wrote: ‘Always gets off the stubborn marks and stains (textas, paint, stuck on dirt) that no other product I use can get off. Sometime I have to use a marble paste first then the Koh but that’s only been a few times when my son used permanent texta that went through to our wooden dining table. The combo worked a treat!’

Soap scum? It sorts that, according to users: ‘Just discovered how to keep the shower cleaned. After the big clean every time I have a shower I spray the inside glass and this keeps the soap scum down.’

Koh’s Universal Cleaner is free from chemical nasties. In fact, it’s fume, fragrance and dye-free, made from a blend of potassium hydroxide (yes, you may have noticed that KOH is the formula for potassium hydroxide – some clever marketing there…) and purified water; which is both safe for our planet and your home.

Active ingredient potassium hydroxide makes up less than 0.5% of the formula – meaning that it’s safe to use and has no pungent smell like many other powerful cleaners.

Now, the reviews may be strong, but looking through TikTok – or, CleanTok – many have claimed you can make your own solution that works similarly, with TikTok users saying the brand’s Diamond Sponge can be replicated with a sanding block.

Without trying this hack out ourselves, we’ll leave the comparisons up to you, dear reader. However, please don’t mix chemicals at home – let’s leave that to the professionals.

And go easy on the sanding blocks.

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