Shiny happy pieces

Shiny happy pieces: There’s a jewellery trend for all to treasure this season, from subtle to statement, says Stephanie Sofokleous

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There’s a jewellery trend for all to treasure this season, from subtle to statement, says Stephanie Sofokleous 


18-carat gold-plated. sapphire earrings, £289, and ring. (right), £239; 18-carat gold-plated. sapphire and moissanite ring. (left), £169,

L-R: 14-carat gold vermeil and garnet birthstone necklace, £98,; 18-carat gold vermeil and amethyst, topaz, citrine, iolite, garnet and tourmaline bangle, £255,

L-R: 14-carat gold-plated rose quartz pendant necklace, £18,; 18-carat gold vermeil and crystal earrings, £149,

L-R: Sterling silver and amethyst, sapphire and tsavorite ring, £350,; 24-carat gold-plated moonstone earrings, £225,

L-R: 18-carat gold, tourmaline and diamond ring, £29,500,; 18-carat gold-plated pink zirconia earrings, £79,


Recycled sterling silver earrings, £74, and necklaces, from £89 each,

L-R: Gold vermeil earrings, £105,; Sterling silver and diamond bracelet, £50,

L-R: 24-carat gold-plated necklace, £145,; Gold-tone bracelet, £35,

L-R: Gold-plated choker, £115, Anna + Nina,; Plated brass and faux pearl earrings, £495,


18-carat gold-plated zirconia necklace, £280, and bracelet, £195,

L-R: Gold-plated and cubic zirconia ring, £155,; Recycled 18-carat gold-plated Swarovski crystal earrings, £35, Susan Caplan,

L-R: Recycled 14-carat gold and amethyst ring, £626,; 14-carat gold and lab-grown diamond necklace, £925,

L-R: 5 Gold-tone earrings, £12.50,; Vintage costume brooch, £26, Susan Caplan,

24-carat gold-plated earrings, £190,


14-carat gold studs, £68; gold vermeil hoops, £148; sterling silver hoops, £98; gold vermeil and sterling silver ring, £58; gold vermeil ring, £58, and sterling silver ring, £48, all

L-R: 18-carat recycled-gold-plated earrings, £125,; 9-carat gold and sterling silver ring, £150,

L-R: Gold-plated necklace, £80, Collagerie for; 18-carat gold vermeil and sterling silver earrings, £85,

L-R: 18-carat gold-plated and sterling silver ring set, £295,; Sterling silver and gold vermeil bracelet, £195,


18-carat gold vermeil earrings, £250; ring, £125, and bracelets, £495 each, Kate Young for

L-R: 18-carat gold-plated bracelet, £189,; Rhodium-plated sterling silver earrings, £112,

L-R: Gold-tone bangles, £25,; 18-carat gold-plated necklace, £405,

L-R: Silver-tone ring, £8.50,; Gold-plated earrings, £27.99,


Brass and cubic zirconia. earrings, £180, and. ring,.£160,.

L-R: 24-carat gold-plated necklace, £280,; Gold-tone and cubic zirconia earrings, £95,

L-R: 22-carat gold-plated ring, £75,; Faux pearl earrings, £17.99,

L-R: Gold-plated earrings, £42,; 18-carat gold-plated charm, £65, Shrimps for

L-R: Gold-tone and diamanté necklace, £159,; Gold-plated charm, £16,

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