Seven sections never to spend your money in at Walmart – the store's secret cash traps revealed | The Sun

EXPERTS have revealed seven "money traps" at Walmart and sections of the store you may want to avoid shopping in during your next trip.

The so-called "secret cash traps" encourage customers to spend more money than they originally intended, experts say.

In an article for GoBankingRates, author Jordan Rosenfeld lays out why not all of the deals you come across at Walmart are "good" deals.

Some psychology tactics apparently have been used in marketing to encourage you to spend more money at stores.


The smell of baked goods is one way the retail giant reportedly draws people in.

While all Walmart stores don't include a bakery, the ones that do usually strategically place them in the front of the store.


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"Stores that include a bakery up front are more likely to draw customers in with their delectable smells and the emotional connections that brings," the American Baker's Association said.


Walmart's shopping carts are apparently larger than an average grocery cart, stimulating customers to spend more money.

If a customer sees a good deal on big-sized items that can fit into their shopping cart, they are more inclined to buy it, according to Mashed.


Walmart is known for its "Everyday Low Prices" and they don't want their customers to forget it.

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Mashed reported that stores can have as many as 100 signs advertising their "Everyday Low Prices."

By seeing this promotion, customers will eventually connect the idea of low-priced items to Walmart.


Walmart reportedly intentionally puts popular items in the back of their stores to drive foot traffic.

While each store is different, one store could be as big as 260,000 square feet, according to 24/7 Wall Street.

The more you walk around the store, the more inclined you are to purchase something.


The quick sale, known as a rollback, offers short-lived discounts on items for customers.

Customers shouldn't assume that items with a rollback sign will be on sale for a long time, so buying them at a lower price is recommended instead of waiting.


Walmart reportedly utilizes the "Action Alley" strategy, which involves a wide aisle-shaped big square across the store, with specific locations that house many low-priced items.

The retail giant attempted to get rid of these areas due to customer complaints about clutter but reportedly saw sales dip, according to the GoBankingRates article.

The company now utilizes the marketing tactic in high-traffic areas.


The article also claims that Walmart uses the "last-minute needs" ideal to its advantage.

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Walmart is known for putting "impulse buy" items at the cash registers, according to Business Insider.

Items like candy, small toys, and magazines can be found there and customers apparently realize they "need" them just prior to checkout.

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