Selma Blair Opens Up About Alleged Assault by Now Ex-Boyfriend That Landed Her in Hospital

The actress' boyfriend of seven years was arrested in February on a felony charge of domestic violence with corporal injuries.

Selma Blair thought she had rid herself of the most violent demons of her past through the writing of her memoir “Mean Baby,” due out May 17. Then she found herself in the hospital due to an alleged assault by her boyfriend of seven years.

On Thursday, Blair opened up to People about the alleged attack in February that led to her now ex-boyfriend getting arrested on a felony charge of domestic violence with corporal injuries and her being awarded a restraining order against him.

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“After I’d finished the book, I honestly thought, ‘Well, that’s the dramatic portion of my life. That’s done,'” the actress said, calling the alleged assault “the most shocking thing.”

The book details her struggles with addiction and an alleged sexual assault. She told People that she wrote it for her son, “and for people trying to find the deepest hold to crawl into until the pain passes.”

As for her, Blair says she’s in a “good place” now. “I cannot believe all this happened in my life, and I’m still here and I’m okay.” In regards to the alleged assault in February, Blair said, “I look forward to it being behind me.”

She explained that she’s found peace and confidence in her life these days. “As long as my son is okay, and I don’t have an immediate death sentence or am in immediate peril, then I could probably handle anything,” she said.

In March, Blair filed for a restraining order against Ronald Carlson after the alleged incident on February 22. In her filing, she claims Carlson got angry and violent when he showed up at her house to return a television set.

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She says she was weak from having just finished a Multiple Sclerosis treatment (she was diagnosed with the disease in 2018), and when she said as much as they exchanged keys, he went off.

In her court documents, Blair stated that he physically assaulted her while she was lying on the sofa and aggressively began to strangle her. The alleged violence escalated, ultimately causing Blair to fall to the floor and begin bleeding from her nose, before Carlson left.

While speaking with officers that evening, per the document, Blair’s nose began to bleed again and she passed out, leading to her trip via ambulance to the hospital. Photos captured by the LAPD show bruising around her neck and chin, as well as marks on her hands.

Police urged her to file for a protective order, which was granted February 25. Carlson responded by filing for his own restraining order, but he was denied.

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse or violence, get help. The National Domestic Violence Hotline (1-800-799-7233) provides 24/7, free, confidential support for people in need.

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