Sarah Jessica Parker Is Wearing the $7 Accessory Everyone on TikTok Loves

Sarah Jessica Parker

If you're looking for winter styling hacks in celebrity street style, you're doing it wrong. They have the luxury of hopping into Escalades at a moment's notice, and you can always tell by their insistence that one layer is enough layers (it never is). But Sarah Jessica Parker has actually been working at her shoe store in downtown Manhattan, and her wardrobe truly reminds us of what we would wear while schlepping to the office during a snow storm back in the day.

Of course, this is Sarah Jessica Parker we're talking about, and her wardrobe involves more glitter and babydoll shoes than most. But she's also not above wearing sweatpants on repeat or layering them on top of white leggings to stay extra warm. Last month she inspired us all to buy a lightweight puffer vest to wear underneath our oversized parka coats, and now she's convincing us all to buy a pair of leg warmers.

While at her store this week, Parker was wearing her favorite pair of controversial gray pants, her go-to Masqd face mask, and a PrettyConnected face mask chain from Amazon. Most notably, though, it appears that she had on a thick, scrunched-up pair of brown leg warmers. The accessory is the stuff of retro '80s workout video dreams. Or maybe it reminds you of your middle-school ballet class. Either way, leg warmers are cozy and seriously practical in this weather. Not to mention, everyone on TikTok is apparently obsessed.

TikTok is a haven for life hacks, so it makes sense the teens would love leg warmers. They're like a forgotten style hack that only costs $7 on Amazon and will make any outfit look incredibly vintage. And now with SJP's endorsement, they're about to get way more mainstream. Calves everywhere owe her a thank you.

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