Royal fans gush over Wales's stylish Christmas family photo

They’re all grown up! The Wales’s classy Christmas photo sees George almost as tall as his mother, Charlotte exuding confidence and Louis on his best behaviour

  • Louis seemed to be on his best behaviour, as he stood up tall next to Charlotte 
  • Royal fans have commented on how tall the children have gotten over the years
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Royal fans have gushed over the Wales’s stylish annual Christmas card photograph and commented on how tall the children are becoming.

The Prince and Princess of Wales shared their family picture online with the caption: ‘Our family Christmas card for 2023,’ along with a Christmas tree emoji and a red love heart. 

The black and white image chosen by the Prince and Princess of Wales shows the pair smiling alongside sons Prince George, 10, Prince Louis, five and Princess Charlotte, eight, who is sat in a chair at the front of the group.

The three men and boys are dressed in matching plain shirts – George opting for a Ralph Lauren Polo number – and dark trousers, while Kate and Charlotte have swapped the trousers for denim jeans.

This sent fans into a frenzy, with many commenting on how the Wales’s children are growing up – with Prince Louis seemingly on his best behaviour for the photo shoot. 

The Prince and Princess of Wales have released their annual Christmas card image, which has sent fans into a frenzy

One enthusiast shared an image of the new monochrome photograph online alongside a snap from Prince Louis’s christening, taken in 2018 and said: ‘The Wales children have grown’

The young royal, age five, is known for his mischievous behaviour and for stealing the spotlight at events. 

On Friday, he blew out Prince Charlotte’s candle during his mother’s annual Christmas carol concert in Westminster Abbey, which left his sister, age eight, in stitches. 

However, it seems Louis was not up to his usual cheeky antics, as he was pictured stood up straight, with his father’s guiding hand on his shoulder.

‘I reckon that’s a firm hand on Prince Louis to keep him from running off! Love that mischievous kid,’ one royal supporter said on X, formerly known as Twitter.

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Lovers of The Firm also discussed how tall Prince George looked in the professional snap, with some noting that he has almost grown as tall as Kate at just ten years old. 

One wrote: ‘Prince George is so tall,’ to which another responded: ‘Yes! He is already on his mother’s shoulders and he is just ten years old.’

Another remarked: ‘Prince George is going to be 6’5” or taller!’

A third penned: ‘I love how George is leaning into his mum, almost protecting her and how Charlotte is the independent one saying we’ve got this.’ 

Many have said that the young Princess looks like a spitting image of her great-grandmother, the late Queen. 

Others have predicted that she is going to be the next ‘star’ of the family, and commented on how she ‘oozes confidence and class’.

William, Kate and their children were photographed at Windsor earlier this year by acclaimed photographer Josh Shinner.

One enthusiast shared an image of the new monochrome photograph online alongside a snap from Prince Louis’s christening, taken in 2018, and said: ‘The Wales children have grown.’

Royal fans compared the Wales’s photo to the black and white image that Princess Diana took with her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry in 1994, when they were age 12 and 10 (pictured)

The King and Queen’s Christmas card is an altogether more formal affair, showing Charles and Camilla inside Buckingham Palace shortly after the coronation in May

Royal fans took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to comment on the new photograph 

The picture showed a smiley Prince William with his arm around Kate’s waist as she held Prince Louis in her arms, whilst a young George and Charlotte stood alongside her. 

At this point, George was only five years old, and was half the height of his mother. 

This year’s card, while less formal than that issued by the King, shows more restraint than some of their previously issued season’s greetings.

Some fans compared it to the black and white images that Princess Diana took with her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry in 1994, when they were aged 12 and 10. 

One fan said: ‘It’s also reminiscent of this fantastic shoot with the Princess of Wales (Diana). It’s a different choice, but I also think a brilliant one’

Another penned: ‘Such a great photo! It reminds me of those black and white shots of Princess Diana with William and Harry.’

Their picture is a stark contrast to King Charles and Queen Camilla’s card, which is a formal snapshot from their Coronation.

It shows the pair in the palace throne room following the ceremony in May, was taken by photographer Hugo Burnand who captured the couple standing side by side. 

Charles wears the Imperial State Crown, while Camilla wears Queen Mary’s Crown; the King is also pictured wearing a coronation tunic and the robe of estate.

Made of purple silk velvet embroidered in gold, the robe was worn by King George VI in 1937.

The Queen is wearing her robe of estate made by Ede and Ravenscroft and designed and hand embroidered by the Royal School of Needlework. She also wears her coronation dress designed by Bruce Oldfield.

It is the couple’s second Christmas card since Charles became King last year, following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8 2002.

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