Reviewers Say This Pet Odor Eliminator With Over 70,600 Five-star Reviews Is Actually ‘Magical’ & It’s on Sale Right Now

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Pets can sometimes get…messy. And unfortunately, those messes can leave lingering odors that seem to duck and dodge every bit of elbow grease you use to attempt to get rid of them. But according to thousands of pet parents, one odor eliminator gets the job done fast — and it’s on sale right now for less than $16.

Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator is a powerful concentrated spray that kills pet odors at the source. Its orange scent is derived directly from orange peels, and the orange oil is what kicks bad smells to the curb. You can use it on both soft and hard surfaces and because it’s made without chemicals or perfumes, it’s a safer alternative to traditional spray cleaners. Just make sure to spray a small amount of Angry Orange on a test surface to see how your pet reacts to the mixture before spraying on larger areas.

Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator


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“I have tried all the pet stain/odor products on the market, even those claiming to make [my dog] not return to the scene of the crime to repeat his offense, only to have him do it again and again,” one five-star reviewer wrote, adding that they also tried rug shampoo and home remedies like baking soda and vinegar, yet nothing worked.

“Then, after a search for professional remedies, I saw a listing for Angry Orange and thought I’d give it a try,” they continued. “It works! After spraying it and letting it dry, the orange smell left and so did the urine smell! There is no hint of my dog’s indiscretions lingering beneath the coffee table anymore!
Now I can have my grandchildren over and let them crawl around on the rug without worrying!”

Another reviewer wrote, “I don’t throw the word ‘magical’ around lightly, but I’m in awe with how this stuff works!! And the smell?? It’s an orangesicle on steroids. So. Good. Cat pee is the worst and is so hard to get the smell out … This stuff is the ONLY thing that has worked!! I had my nose IN my carpet and couldn’t smell the pee.”

Don’t mask pet odors with chemical sprays — kill bad smells instead with Angry Orange and your nose will seriously thank you.

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