Quiz: What dog should I get?

Shocking statistics released this week found that a large proportion of dogs bought during the pandemic haven’t been socialised – with some having never even been to a park.

While it’s easy to say these dogs should never have been bought, we should highlight the importance of research when looking to get a dog in the first place.

Is your home big enough? Do you have the time to walk and train them? Are you looking for a quieter dog or a very active one?

These are questions people should be asking themselves, as well as concluding that the time isn’t right for a pet if an animal’s needs can’t be met.

If you do think you can make a wonderful home for a dog, though, it’s good to know which breed you should go for.

It doesn’t need to be hard and fast, but you’ll have a vastly different experience with a chihuahua than you will a collie. With this in mind, we’ve created a quiz to point you in the right direction.

Adopt don’t shop where possible, but if you are going to buy a dog make sure you do so from a registered breeder and have dogs vet checked (and always see the parents).

Dogs are living beings, and ideally will become your family members once you have them. Although the breeds we’ve listed are just a snapshot, they can give you insight into what you can handle in a pet, so hopefully whichever pet you take in will be a perfect match.

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