Pet sitter slammed for complaining about 'disgusting' client's pillows

‘Entitled’ pet-sitter in wealthy suburb is slammed for complaining about the ‘disgusting’ pillows in a client’s home: ‘I almost threw up’

  • A woman complained online about the pillows in the house she was pet sitting in
  • She copped backlash for being ‘entitled’ and ‘shaming’ the home owners
  • People even suggested she buy new pillows for the house herself 

An Australian woman has been slammed after she complained about the ‘disgusting’ state of the pillows at the house she was pet sitting in. 

The Sydney pet sitter said she ‘almost threw up’ when she saw the stained bed pillows in a post to Facebook but was met with backlash as people said she should buy new ones for the house. 

Others claimed she was ‘unprofessional’ for ’embarrassing’ the northern beaches home owners online while some suggested she bring her own pillows from home.

A Sydney woman said she ‘almost threw up’ when she discovered the state of the pillows in the northern beaches house she was pet sitting in but she’s been slammed as ‘self entitled’


Is the pet-sitter in the wrong?

Is the pet-sitter in the wrong?

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‘Pet sitting ATM and a little disgusted with the state of the pillows. We’ve now taken ours to sleep on. Is this only us like that or so a lot of people not care about their bedding?’ the woman wrote in the Northern Beaches Living Facebook group. 

‘Warning! I nearly threw up when I saw that so be warned. More importantly, how do I tactfully tell the pet owners?’ 

Some group members sympathised with the pet sitter but others were quick to criticise and recommended she but the owners new ones.  

‘Poor standards, take your own bedding!’ one woman said while another quipped: ‘Leave the house now before the bed bug bite you’.

She complained on Facebook but was met with backlash. People said she was ‘unprofessional’ for taking the complaint online and some even suggested she buy new pillows for the house

‘To avoid this I’d probably make sure you BYO pillows. Kmart has some cheap comfy ones. Those pillows look like they’ve past their use-by date,’ a third wrote. 

‘Just go to Kmart and buy a $10 pillow and use that while you’re minding,’ another user suggested but the sitter replied: ‘I find that disrespectful to have to replace their own bedding’. 

Many people reprimanded her for ‘shaming’ the home owners in a public forum and said they wouldn’t use her services after seeing the post.   

‘Obvious thing would be to always take you own bedding. Why embarrass the people? Don’t undertaker the self entitlement,’ one woman responded.  

‘I personally would be hiring or recommending you after seeing a post like this,’ a second said.  

‘I hope they’re not on the page. Take your own, problem solved. Their pillows, their choice. Shaming them on here is not cool,’ a third thought. 

‘Why does this need to be put on Facebook,’ asked another member.

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