Parents list ridiculous reasons their child has had a tantrum

Mums and dads share hysterical list of reasons why their toddlers threw a tantrum today: ‘He cried because the bath was too wet’

  • Parents have revealed the ridiculous reasons their toddler has thrown a tantrum
  • Mums and dads shared their hilarious stories in a thread to a Facebook group 
  • One mum described a time her kid cried as they didn’t like tears in their eyes 
  • Another said their two-year-old cried for their dummy despite never owning one
  • Other reasons included the bath being ‘too wet’ and ice cream being too cold
  • One toddler melted down because the dog couldn’t drive them to day care

Australian parents are sharing the ridiculous reasons why their toddlers have thrown tantrums – from wanting to wear their shoes on the wrong feet to the bath being ‘too wet’ and even feeling tears in their eyes, 

Popular Aussie parenting group, Mum Central reposted a dad’s hilarious list of reasons he made his toddler son cry including not letting the dog drive him to day care and saying he couldn’t have ‘just syrup’ for breakfast. 

It prompted hundreds to come forward with the absurd things that have triggered their own toddlers’ tantrums. 

Aussie parents have revealed the funny reasons their toddlers have thrown a tantrum in a hilarious thread from wanting to wear their shoes on the wrong feet to the bath being ‘too wet’

‘Cried because she doesn’t like the feeling of tears in her eyes. A long and vicious cycle,’ one mum commented.

‘The toilet water was too low. My breakfast was too hot was coco pops. I can’t have a bath cause the water will melt,’ another shared. 

‘My 2 year old started screaming for a dummy at lunch yesterday… he’s never had a dummy. 2 weeks ago he woke up and was hysterical crying for 40mins because his shoes weren’t on when he woke up,’ laughed a third. 

‘She had her shoes on the wrong feet and I asked her to change them, apparently she likes them that way,’ a fourth responded. 

‘Cried because she doesn’t like the feeling of tears in her eyes. A long and vicious cycle,’ one mum said

‘She did a number two on the toilet and it went too far down the s bend that she couldn’t see it and say goodbye before she flushed, apparently phantom poo is dramatic,’ they continued.

Many mums and dads had stories about their young children being unreasonably picky eaters and refusing the food they had specifically asked for. 

‘Wouldn’t give her any ham. (I’d used it all in the ham and cheese toastie she refused to eat after demanding I make two of them for her lunch),’ a member recalled. 

‘I made my daughters pizza exactly the way she asked for it but then she hated it,’ another responded. 

One parent listed a range of reasons her toddler had a melt down including because they wouldn’t let her eats scraps out of the bin or take a stranger’s cat home with them. 

Parents reveal the most ridiculous reasons their toddler has thrown a tantrum 

‘It’s dark outside at night!’ Parents reveal why their toddler have thrown tantrums

‘I didn’t know the name of his new friend at day care.’

‘I wouldn’t let him watch TV at 4am.’ 

‘I wouldn’t give him lollies/chocolate before breakfast.’

‘Played the song she asked for on Spotify.’ 

‘The bath was too wet.’ 

‘His ice-cream was too cold and wanted it microwaved to be warm.’ 

‘The noodles aren’t long enough.’ 

‘My son cried because it’s dark outside at night.’

‘Wasn’t allowed to go outside for an Easter egg hunt. In July.’ 

‘I wouldn’t let her touch the hot frypan.’

‘I forgot to let her smell her poo before I threw the nappy away.’ 

‘My son cried because his arms weren’t getting wet enough in the shower.’

‘Crying because she wanted to go to kinder on a Sunday (it’s closed). Next day Monday going to kinder crying coz she wanted to stay home.’

Source: MumCentralAU/Facebook 

‘Closed the kitchen cupboard doors on her fingers and pushing more instead of pulling to release fingers,  mum took the car keys off her for handing them out to strangers at Coles, Laura looked at her the wrong way,’ they added. 

‘He wanted to go home, but we were already in our lounge room,’ joked a second. 

‘I wouldn’t let him drive to day care. His milkshake was too cold. The fillet of fish didn’t look like a fish. He couldn’t ride the dog,’ another listed. 

‘He wanted to go back for his blue colour card at Bunnings that he left at the Bunnings playground… but then when we found it… he decided it was too green and didn’t want it… he wanted one that was more blue,’ a forth replied. 

‘My toddler got angry that I wouldn’t take her head off…. FFS,’ laughed another.  

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