Only 9% of people can find hidden car in mind-bending optical illusion

It's no doubt that some optical illusions will leave you scratching your head for days.

Some could test your intelligence and IQ, while others help to build your observation skills.

Now the latest brainteaser might just leave you slightly baffled for ages as there's a hidden car somewhere.

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In the image, it shows kids playing around and having a great time at the park.

But according to website Jagran Josh, the test is to find the little car hiding somewhere in the image.

Just know it's not as easy as you think because you'll have just six seconds to solve the mission.

Make sure you let us how you get on in the comments below!

And this illusion is certainly challenging as 91% of people are failing the test since the time is too quick.

But if you're one of the 9% to find the car in quick time, give yourself a pat on the back!

We can assure you it's quite a tricky illusion to solve, but it could be good for your observation skills.

Scroll down for the answer…

If you're stuck, start by glancing over the centre of the image and just to the left you might find the vehicle.

The car was hiding under the ice cream kiosk near the centre of the photo.

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Looking for more optical illusions?

Another optical illusion has two odd dice which you'll need to spot in 7 seconds.

Meanwhile, people were baffled by the illusion with 16 circles hiding within the tricky snap.

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