Netflix Confirms 30 Spanish Original Releases in 2022, as ‘Money Heist’s’ Alex Pina Teases Luxury Bunker Series

Netflix will produce 30 series, movies and non-fiction shows in Spain over 2022, Verónica Fernández, fiction director, Netflix Spain and Portugal announced at a presentation of the U.S. streaming giant’s five new soundstages at its imposing European Production Hub north of Madrid. 

The expansion, with the new facilities up-and-running from this January, raises to 10 the total number of soundstages at the complex, which opened in 2019 with three. 

The announcement was made Tuesday at the official inauguration of Phase 2 of the Production Hub which also saw “Money Heist” creators Alex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato tease details of a second series in development, apart from “Money Heist” spin-off “Berlin,” set in a luxury multi-storey underground bunker. 

Meanwhile, Spain’s secretary of state for telecommunications, spoke in veiled terms of new fiscal facilities for film and TV in. Spain, which could be interpreted as reference to another hike in the rebate cap for international shoots, currently at €10 million ($10.3 million) on mainland Spain, to encourage big movies to lens for longer in Spain.

Netflix revealed sketches of Pina and Martínez-Lobato luxury bunker, described by the presentation’s moderator as an “inverted high-rise.” 

“The idea comes from the construction of bunkers in and after the pandemic. We imagined a building dug 75 meters down into the earth where we don’t focus on an apocalypse but rather the absurdity of the rich and powerful enclosing themselves like rats,” said Pina.

He went on to describe the series as “highly acid, with a lot of dark humor, a ‘Big Brother’ with a lot of conflictive relations between families. The big question was: How could life go on at the end of the world?”

“This year we are going to release 30 original productions – series, reality shows, docu-series, movies – and this number says a lot about what this adventure has been,” said Fernández. “Without a doubt, we continue to bet on Spain and it is a firmer bet than ever. The second phase guarantees that we will be able to continue with impressive means to continue telling our stories. So that our stories can continue to reach the world.”

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