‘My wife ruined our wedding pics by swerving makeup – but people say I’m wrong’

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A man moaned about his wife refusing to wear makeup.

He was particularly annoyed that she wasn’t interested in getting glammed up for their wedding day – so took to Reddit for advice.

On the “Am I The A***hole” forum, the bloke admitted family members had told the bride-to-be to wear cosmetics for pictures.

But she refused, which her husband says ruined the photos.

According to the Mirror, he said: "My (32, male) wife (29, female) and I have been together for five years, married for just over two. One issue that’s cropped up over our entire relationship is her refusal to ever wear make-up.

“I think she’s beautiful without it, but there have been times and occasions where it was expected/appropriate for her to wear make-up and she refused.”

He continued: "For example, she didn’t wear any make-up on our wedding day. Both of our mothers tried to convince her, but she said she’s never worn make-up and she wasn’t going to start on a day that she was supposed to enjoy.

"They tried to tell her the pictures wouldn’t come out as good, and honestly, they were kind of right – she’s got huge bags under her eyes and I think the photos would’ve been nicer if she’d just put on concealer or something."

If the argument wasn’t heated enough, the couple went on to squabble about wearing makeup to family occasions.

The Redditor explained: "We were at a family dinner last night with my parents, sister and her husband, and my niece and nephew.

“My niece is 11 and has just started getting into makeup – she watches lots of YouTube tutorials and stuff like that. She asked my wife at dinner if she ever wore make-up and my wife said 'no, I don’t bother with it.’”

He added: “My niece asked why and she gave a little speech about makeup being a waste of money and that she’d feel like she was lying to herself if she wore it and that she was 'happy with the face I have.'

"My sister got mad and said that she wore make-up a lot of the time and didn’t feel like she was lying to herself and that it actually made her feel good.

“My wife responded 'oh yeah. I bet you could quit anytime you want.' And then kinda laughed, which set my sister off and let’s just say the rest of the evening was not enjoyable."

The husband tried to tell his partner to be “less militant” about makeup, which caused her to snap.

So he asked Reddit: “Am I the a***hole for thinking she’s being ridiculous about make-up and telling her to get over her aversion?"

More than 1,000 people have since responded to the post, with many criticising the man for his comments.

One person said: "Did you wear concealer under your eyes at your wedding? I’m just saying, you would have looked a lot better in the pictures if you did."

Another wrote: "It's such a disgusting double standard that women have to put on paint to make themselves more attractive to other people but guys can just roll out of bed and expect the world to accept them.

"Until men start wearing make-up regularly and shaving their legs their opinion on whether or not a woman does it does not matter in the slightest."

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