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DEAR DEIDRE: MY husband cannot be bothered with sex any more.

We used to have a great time in the bedroom but now it feels like a chore.

We are in our early sixties, fit and healthy.

We’ve been together for 30 years.

Apart from this one thing, we have a good relationship.

I’ve tried talking to my husband and sometimes he will make an effort, but it is always short-lived and after two or three weeks we go back to no sex again.

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I really miss the closeness after we make love and I don’t even get bedtime cuddles as he now sleeps in the spare room.

Is it unreasonable to expect more?


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DEIDRE SAYS: No, this is not about you.

Ask him what has changed for him.

Does he have a health or sexual worry?

Say he must have a check-up with his doctor to rule out any medical cause for his loss of sex drive.

If he gets the all-clear, focus on being close physically – without necessarily demanding full sex – to help mobilise those hormones.

My support pack Reviving A Man’s Sex Drive will help you with this issue.

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