‘My first night in Benidorm ended in tattoo shop – but trolls say ink is ugly’

Getting a tattoo on holiday is a rite of passage for many.

Just like for Alicia-Jayne who decided to get inked during her time away in Benidorm.

And on her very first night.

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The brunette beauty opted to get a personalised tattoo catered towards her favourite genre of music – drum and bass.

Alicia-Jayne took to TikTok to share her ink that she got while living it up in the Spanish coastal city.

In the viral clip, the stunner first shared a picture of herself in a racy mini orange dress that featured two cut-out sections beneath her boobs.

She posed on the hotel balcony and explained: "How my first night in Benidorm went…"

It didn't take long for Alicia-Jayne to get her holiday started as she took a trip to the tattoo parlour still "basically sober".

A friend filmed her as she sat in the tattoo chair after dark.

Alicia-Jayne then grinned as she revealed her drum and bass inspired inking on the outside of her middle finger.

"DNB," the tattoo read.

The Benidorm babe admitted in the caption: "DNB has my heart."

Although many people praised Alicia-Jayne's drum and bass dedicated tattoo, not everyone was too fond.

TikTok users fled to the comments to offer their verdict on the Benidorm-based etching.

One person commented: "First tattoo I’m getting."

Another user mocked: "Poor woman got a tattoo of dnb."

While a third jibed: "Yuck."

Someone else giggled: "Why did I first think dandelion and burdock."

Meanwhile, a fifth shared: "You know what I was thinking to my self the other day I want this tattoo.

"But only when I’m abroad so I can say I couldn’t remember getting it."

And this user expressed: "I love this."

Let us know in the comments if you've ever got a tattoo on a night out – do you love it or regret it?

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