‘My favourite hobby has kept me wrinkle-free at 50’

A woman in her 50s has claimed that she looks decades younger thanks to a regimented skincare routine that has kept her skin wrinkle-free over the years.

As one of the thinner and more delicate parts of the body, the epidermis is the first part of the body to show signs of ageing – but the process can be slowed.

Beauty expert Kat James (@shinebykatjames), who frequently leaves her online fans marveling over her youthful glow, says it all boils down to making a hobby out of skincare.

The skincare enthusiast has built an impressive following of 907,900 followers on TikTok, garnering a staggering 6.1 million likes to date.

The skincare fanatic recently lifted the lid on the specifics of her skincare routine after one of her followers asked how she prevented wrinkles.

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She explained: “I treat my skincare like a hobby. I invest in it, both in time and in money. And when I say skincare, I’m not just talking about skincare or the product. I’m talking about the care of my skin.

“The effort I put into take care of my organ, the skin.”

Going into the specifics of her regimen, Kat continued: “I cleanse my skin properly. Every night, I remove makeup, dirt, oil, debris, sunscreen, and what is my skin for the day and I take that off.”

Kat follows these steps with toner, serum, and eye cream, applied to the neck every single night. She also encourages refreshing the skin upon waking up in the morning.

Day serum is an equally important component of Kat’s routine as it serves as a protective barrier against pollution and other stressors.

“I do an SPF and I do a daytime humectant type thing, once a week,” added Kat. “I exfoliate and I use some type of face mask. And that is how I treat my skin.”

It doesn’t stop there, however, as the skincare fan admits to investing in a type of procedure to further restore the elasticity of the skin.

“I like micro-needling the best” she admits, adding that laser treatments are also some of her top pics.

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