My boyfriend constantly loses his temper since being made redundant – he's a totally different person | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: AT the start of our relationship my boyfriend was always telling me how much he loved me.

But two years on, I am lucky if I get a hug and a kiss once a week. He is 39, and I am 35. Over the past year, he has become a totally different person.

It started when he lost his job after a big chain took over the hotel he was the manager of.

Now he is having to work his way back up again and he is ­furious about it.

Every day he comes home and takes it out on me.

He constantly criticises me and loses his temper.

Yesterday he threw the TV remote control at my head after I told him I hadn’t got round to washing a shirt he wanted to wear.

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I loved who he was before.

But I feel like that man is gone for good.

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