Mum-of-22 shares snaps of kids on first day of school – and one child is missing

Millions of parents up and down the country prepared for their first school run of the term this week.

For many mums and dads, it was the first time their youngsters dressed in uniforms for school.

Now the UK's biggest family marked the occasion as Sue Radford shared adorable snaps of her brood.

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The mum-of-22 revealed she's got just one child left to start school as many of her kids returned to the classrooms.

Sweet snaps show the Radford kids lined up for their first day back to school this week.

Sue wrote: "That's all the kids back at school and nursery."

She added: "Oscar's first day at high school and Bonnie's first day in primary.

"Bonnie has been so excited for this day and went in so happy and excited, have a brilliant day kiddies."

With Bonnie at school now, Sue only has little Heidie with her at home.

The parents got hitched when Sue was 17 as she claimed their marriage has never had any serious difficulties.

First day of school snaps are a long-standing tradition among many parents.

Recently a mum's hilarious photo son, eight, before and after his full day at school.

The youngster begged his mum for a "man bun" hairstyle before returning to school – but it didn't quite last all day.

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Kim Tate, 27, says her son became obsessed with the 'do when they went shopping in Home Bargains.

And another mum shared a side-splitting before and after photo of her daughter's first day at school.

A before shot of the young girl shows her ready and prepped for her first day of education.

By the end of the day, the youngster is completely slumped out with her mum taking photographic evidence.

Mum Stacey says she was mixed emotions as it her daughter was her youngest.

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