Million Dollar Barbie with QQQ boobs lists 5 things a man needs – including cash

A real-life Barbie and self-confessed plastic surgery addict with QQQ megaboobs has ditched plans to bag herself a 'Ken' – and is now looking for her very own Prince Charming.

Lacey Wildd, 54, who says she's spent around $1 million on her extreme look, has dated actors, models and bodybuilders, most of whom were the same age as her son.

But signing up for dating apps has proved fruitless, and she's now resigned herself to not finding the "Ken to my Barbie" and plans to cast her net wider.

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The busty mum-of-six from Florida, US, has a very exact criteria, though, with some key must-haves.

She said she's looking for someone who is "down to Earth, sexy, successful, emotionally available, and, let’s face it, loaded!"

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, Lacey, real name is Paula Thebert, said: "As of late I’ve been looking for someone a little more… I do have a certain life style I like to uphold, and hopefully I can find my Prince Charming.

"It also really wouldn’t hurt if he was my age, because as of April 23 I turn 55 years old.

"Although Barbie’s face is timeless, I have to start to face the facts, I'm only human.

"Now I’m going to go with the flow of time and try to find true love with someone my age."

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Lacey shot to fame in the MTV documentary series, True Life, in an episode titled, I Have a Hot Mom.

The self-proclaimed "big breast icon" and "Million Dollar Barbie", plans to take her chest to the next level this year – with TTT implants.

It is estimated the next surgery would take her breast augmentation tally to 50.

She added: "I’ve often thought of doing a show called “For The Love of Lacey” to find true love. I haven’t really shopped it to any network yet, but maybe someone out there will pick up on this?

"We can have a team of multi-millionaires, then a team of bodybuilders/models and see which one my kids approve of in the end. It’s been a wild life, but as of today Barbie's still single.

She added: "I’ve been on local dating apps to no avail, and even thought of putting an ad up.

"But maybe this is better.

"If you think you have love for Lacey, take a leap of faith and reach out to me and pitch why you would be perfect for me.

"Attach a photo and a small biography at [email protected], because I’m still looking for love."


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