Meet the former Playboy babe who ditched modelling to become frontline worker

A former Playboy Playmate has lifted the lid on why she ditched modelling to focus on her career in medicine.

Ever since she was young, Danielle Lupo has always had an interest in how the human body works.

But it wasn't until the 25-year-old got into her first car accident where she realised she wanted to be a hero for others.

Now she has been in the healthcare field for 10 years while juggling a career in modelling for magazines like Playboy.

Danielle first gained recognition for her spreads in various publications and later earned Miss May Playmate in 2018.

And it seems as though she's not just beauty but brains too as the ex-model is also a certified cardiographic technician (CCT).

By having this knowledge, it means Danielle has spent the past 12 months helping to fight coronavirus in the US.

Now the stunner has opened up about how the year has really been for her.

She told Daily Star: "Honestly it has been the most challenging and rewarding times of my life.

"Turning 25 also I realised it's when anxiety starts for some people which to my surprise, included me.

"I was in the hospital twice myself this past year because of it. Shockingly enough I haven't got Covid-19 yet because of the PPE I wear.

"Covid has obviously made it all much harder on my stress and fears, like catching it and spreading it to my loved ones."

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She added: "But I'm taking it all in as the most important lesson I'll ever learn in my life to build the strength to handle it with grace."

Now focusing her attention on working on the frontline, Danielle hasn't been able to model as much as she used to.

But it doesn't mean she's completely ruled it out in her future.

Danielle admitted: "I most definitely [will get back to modelling]. At the moment there isn't much going on due to Covid.

"But I hope to get back to it when things are safe again! I miss it, the people, fashion, fun, creativity, it's all inspiring."

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And it seems as though some patients do recognise Danielle in her work uniform.

She revealed: "Cooper Hefner once told me I have this Clarke Kent/Superman thing going on and that kind of stuck with me.

"It explains how I can look different at work in scrubs, a coat, hair up, no make-up and big dorky glasses. No one would guess I model."

But given the fact that she worked in an industry which can often be quite judgement, Danielle has had some hate in the past.

She said: "I get everything from being doubted I'll complete my doctorate to being put as I'm associated with Playboy."

Danielle concluded: "But frankly, my past is MY past and my personal life is MY personal life. These are MY choices to make, not theirs.

"And not for nothing, I'm proud of everything I've accomplished, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

"It just makes me sad seeing these people's desperate attempts to project their own misery's and short comings onto my life.

"Maybe one day I can help them when I become a Doctor of Psychology."

In Danielle's spare time, she runs The Wolf Pack Pact For Change which raises money for various local charities.

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