Man builds elaborate rock sculpture on Cornwall beach

Man builds elaborate rock sculpture on Cornwall beach in just 30 minutes – all while his wife did the supermarket shop

  • Harry Maddox, from Cornwall, created the structure while his wife was shopping
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People have been left amazed after a man built an elaborate structure from stones in under an hour, while his wife was shopping at the supermarket.

Harry Maddox, from Cornwall, frequents various beaches weekly and utilises rocks to create intricate sculptures, and shortly after photographs his work.

It took the sculptor only 30 minutes to complete the complex rock formation he named Leanne #2 on Porthpean beach in Cornwall.

Revealing the tale behind the story, Mr Maddox explained the structure, based around a moongate – which is a traditional architectural element in Chinese gardens – was named after his niece.

Explaining his thought process behind the rock formation, Mr Maddox told the BBC: ‘The first part of the structure, the moongate, went together really easy in 30 minutes, so I then kept adding until it was time for me to leave.’

Mr Maddox took only thirty minutes to built the elaborate structure. Leanne #2 (pictured, that he named after his niece, on the Cornish beach

The artist added that he found himself on the beach near St Austell, because his wife wanted to go shopping in the town but doesn’t drive.

After dropping him off, he had a spare hour to head over to the shore to create the amazing artwork.

Where the artist decides to form his natural pieces is dependent on the weather and tide.

The day he built Leanne #2 there was a slight breeze so he opted to go to Porthpean beach to construct his art.

Although others label his work as ‘spectacular’, Mr Maddox views it as ‘cluttered’ and ‘untidy’.

After he finishes his creations, he tears them down because he is mindful they could be fairly dangerous for other beach-goers if they were to fall.

He said: ‘In reality, the art I create is just the photograph, so I take pictures as I go and before leaving I dismantle.’ 

The artist has been up and down the breadth of the country creating his pieces from Anglesey to Dorset. Recently, he edged a huge drawing of the Duchy of Cornwall crest into the sand of Tregirls

Mr Maddox always takes apart his pieces after photographing them, so that the sculptures don’t endanger any beach-goers

Mr Maddox added: ‘I then head back to pick the wife up.’

People were left in awe of the stunning piece, with one person commenting on the Facebook post: ‘Wow!! Now you’re showing off.’

Another admired: ‘This is SOOOO cool. Wonderful.’

One person noted ‘what a wonderful imagination’ the artist had, branding his skill as ‘fantastic’. 

A woman said: ‘This is a lovely piece of sculpture with natures own resources, including the view, breath in and enjoy well done.’

Others pointed out the ‘complex architecture’ of the piece, stating it was a ‘very difficult balancing act.’ 

But not everyone was seemingly impressed by the artwork, with one person quipping: ‘Clever but I prefer the simplicity of an ordinary pile.’ 

The structure named after his niece is not the first formation created by the artist. He he has built his epic rock formations across the nation, from Anglesey to Dorset.

People flocked to the comments to express their amazement at the intricate structure  that Mr Maddox built in under an hour

Mr Maddox doesn’t just use rocks for his natural pieces of art either. He previously drew the Duchy of Cornwall crest into the sand on Tregirls beach in Cornwall.

The revelation of Mr Maddox’s natural designs comes shortly after it was revealed another artist spend two years covering his home in doodles.

Sam Cox, who is also known as Mr Doodle spent two years covering every-inch of his six bedroom, neo-Georgian mansion in doodles.

The 28-year-old purchased the £1.35 million property in Tenterden, Kent, to fulfil his dream of creating a ‘doodle-verse’. 

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