Lizzo, Lisa Vanderpump and Leah Remini's Lawsuits Explained: Video

This week on Legally Us, Lizzo’s former dancers are firing back at her response to their workplace harassment lawsuit, Lisa Vanderpump and her husband, Ken Todd, are being sued for nearly $1 million and Leah Remini takes on the Church of Scientology.

The three dancers who have sued Lizzo aren’t impressed by her response to their claims of hostile work environment, religious harassment, disability discrimination and sexual harassment. “We are constantly being gaslit, and she’s constantly deflecting,” declared Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams and Noel Rodriguez in a joint statement.

Lizzo responded to the lawsuit in a lengthy Instagram post, categorically denying the allegations.

“These accusations, saying these sensationalized stories, are coming from former employees who have already publicly admitted that they were told their behavior on tour was inappropriate and unprofessional,” she wrote in part.

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Attorney Neama Rahmani, whose firm is representing the trio, asserts to Us Weekly that Lizzo’s response is a continuation of gaslighting. “We’re seeing witnesses come forward every single day that are supporting our client’s allegations. It’s very similar to the Me Too movement,” Rahmani exclusively told Us. “We’re looking forward to presenting our case in a public courtroom to a jury of our peers, and they’re the ones who are gonna decide who’s telling the truth and who’s not.”

Rahmani says that the best thing for Lizzo to do is to own up to her unlawful behavior. “It’s just gonna be more and more evidence that comes out as there’s more press on this and more witnesses come forward,” Rahmani said. “We’ve seen a lot of people come out on social media and support our clients.”

Turning the spotlight to Vanderpump and Todd, the couple finds themselves hit with a nearly $1 million lawsuit. The couple allegedly breached their rental contract with the landlord of their now-closed Pump restaurant.

According to documents obtained by Page Six, the company is suing Vanderpump for $950,000 in damages after claiming Pump owes them roughly $250,000 in unpaid rent, $150,000 for their liquor license and $50,000 in stolen fixtures.

“If the landlord’s allegations are true, commercial tenants have a lot less protection than residential tenants,” Rahmani told Us. “If I had to bet, I would bet on the landlord in this case.”

Meanwhile, Remini, known for her outspoken stance against the Church of Scientology, filed a bombshell lawsuit against the Church of Scientology. Remini claims that Anderson Cooper and Conan O’Brien were also threatened by the church after airing content about the organization.

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Remini claimed her loved ones had been stalked and threatened by Scientology since her exit. The Church of Scientology told Us that this lawsuit is ludicrous and the allegations are pure lunacy.

Despite the legal showdown, Rahmani said that he doesn’t think the case will go to trial.“I don’t think the Church of Scientology wants the press in this case,” Rahmani said. “They’ve gotten a lot of bad press and legal cases, so I think they’ll do everything they can to try to get out of this case.”

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