LeBron James And Drake Are Being Sued $10 Million Over ‘Black Ice’ Hockey Documentary

Billy Hunter allegedly wants to receive a portion of the profits for a documentary in which he appeared, Black Ice (2014).

Billy claims that he held the exclusive intellectual property rights to produce the documentary. He says that “Black Ice” is about the Colored Hockey League, which was in existence from 1895 until 1925.

“While the defendants LeBron James, Drake and Maverick Carter [LeBron’s business partner] are internationally known and renowned in their respective fields of basketball and music, it does not afford them the right to steal another’s intellectual property,” Hunter’s attorney, Larry Hutcher, stated in the lawsuit.

According to TMZ, One of the authors of the ‘Black Ice’ book named in the lawsuit, Darril Fosty. He and his brother believe the suit is unwarranted and frivolous and they will officially respond through their legal team.

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According to a new lawsuit filed in Los Angeles, LeBron James and Drake stole the rights to a movie about a segregated hockey league.

NBA star LeBron James and rapper Drake are being sued for $10 million by former union head Billy Hunter, who claims he holds the exclusive legal rights to produce any movie about Canada’s old Colored Hockey League.

The lawsuit claims that the authors of “Black Ice” struck a deal with James and Drake behind the defendants’ backs after they had already paid $265,000 for the rights to make a film based on their book.

“I don’t think they believed the property rights would be litigated,” Hunter told the New York Post. “They thought I would go away. They gambled.”

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Sources: TMZ ,CBS | NBA

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