Lad brutally trolled over ‘sad’ looking lunch he brought into work

There's nothing more exciting than packing a decent lunch for work.

While some Brits love treating themselves to a meal at their favourite spot by the office, others pack a nutritious dish to show off in front of their colleagues.

Now one lad has been brutally mocked after he brought in his meal to work. His colleague didn't hold back and shared a snap on X, formerly known as Twitter.

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Uploading a shot of the masterpiece, the user wrote: "Lad in work has hit an all-time low *laughing emoji*." In the photo, it shows white rice with three sausages packed in.

And if you think a meal like that would need some sauce on top, well, the fella didn't even think to drizzle any condiments on the sausages.

His colleague clearly thought it was worth sharing on social media and it's already racked up over 1.3million views since Wednesday.

One joked: "Better than going hungry." While another added: "Can just taste the flavours looking at the picture *laughing emoji*."

While a third questioned: "Where's the seasoning?" And a fourth slammed: "That's the kind of sad lunch that will leave you contemplating life."

Others on X were quick to tag their mates into the post to ask if it was them. While some joked it was their meal towards the end of the month as they waited for pay day.

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So what do you make of the bloke's meal? Let us know in the comments below!

Speaking of food, recently a girl "on a diet" asked a Depop seller a cheeky cake request after buying their item. Meanwhile a woman was left flabbergasted as her Uber Eats order looked nothing like the picture.

She ordered a fish meal via Uber Eats but was left more than disappointed when the food arrived. In the snap people are able to see a carton which contains two very small pieces of fish and some slices of orange.

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