Kevin Spacey’s First Film After Sexual Assault Trial, ‘Control,’ Drops Tense Trailer

“Control,” Kevin Spacey’s first project since he was acquitted of sexual assault in the U.K., has dropped its first trailer.

Spacey, who was found not guilty on all counts last month at Southwark Crown Court, can be heard but not seen in the upcoming thriller.

In the micro-budget film, which was directed by Gene Fallaize, Spacey plays a menacing presence who manages to hijack a government official’s smart car in order to exact revenge.

The actor recorded his part, which is entirely vocal, in London last December while awaiting trial. He was cleared of nine charges against four men by a jury in July.

After the verdict was delivered, Fallaize told Variety he was glad he had stuck by Spacey. “I don’t regret casting Kevin and I would do it all over again,” said Fallaize.

“When we met with Kevin, we said, you know, [the meeting] is for us as much as it is him. And we came away from there feeling nothing but good vibes and positivity and we didn’t get anything bad from him at all. So we said, “Okay, let’s go for it.” It’s a risk but feel it’s a risk worth taking.”

The project also stars Lauren Metcalfe (“Bridgerton”) as Home Secretary Stella Simmons and Mark Hampton (“Liaison”) as Prime Minister David Addams. In the trailer, Metcalfe can be seen driving Addams’ daughter home when her car is taken over by a mysterious presence who informs her he has total control of the vehicle.

“I am your judge and jury and I find you guilty,” Spacey tells her at one point.

Tricoast Worldwide, which is repping global rights to the film, is currently in negotiations for a U.K. and U.S. release.

See the trailer below:

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