Kelly Clarkson Open to Finding Love Again Despite Being a 'Red Flag Collector'

"I mean… I'm just collecting them. I was apparently wanting to do some kind of exhibit with a lot of them."

During an appearance on the “Love Someone with Delilah” podcast, Kelly Clarkson revealed that she had no regrets on her past experiences with love while promoting her new album, “When Christmas Comes Around.”

“The Voice” coach is currently in the process of finalizing a divorce from her husband of seven years, Brandon Blackstock, and despite the separation the singer said, “I regret nothing. Even unfortunate things that happen in your life or hard things, ’cause we can do hard things.”

“But also I feel like that’s what shapes you, it’s what makes you a better person,” Clarkson admitted to listeners. “It’s what makes you recognize: OK I missed those red flags, I missed that, I ignored that on purpose.”

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The singer labeled herself as a self-proclaimed “red flag collector” and joked that she had almost named her album after the title, “I mean… I’m just collecting them. I was apparently wanting to do some kind of exhibit with a lot of them.”

“Like in relationships, it’s hard to be as creative as I can because I wear my heart on my sleeve. I mean… you never know about love,” she mused. “I think we’re engineered, especially from where I’m from, to have to have that.”

“I will say, it’s very therapeutic,” Clarkson said of using her music as a creative outlet. “Going through a divorce, or going through hard times in your life, I’m so happy I have writing and I’m so happy I have music, ’cause that’s my outlet, that’s how I get through it.”

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While writing her new album, the “Because of You” singer realized that she could do this by writing both a Christmas album and a record about love and breakups.

“I’m supposed to make this Christmas record, and I love Christmas music, so I was like, I don’t know how to be happy, maybe I could be sarcastic,” the singer revealed that the idea of “everything might be canceled” was the catalyst for her new single “Christmas Isn’t Cancelled (Just You).”

“No one’s ever really released a breakup Christmas song before, ’cause like, why would you? That’s kind of messed up,”  Clarkson confessed, but revealed that she believed the track was uplifting and empowering despite the breakup narrative.

“It is a happy song! It is a very happy, empowering song, because what the song says is, ‘Too bad for you, Christmas isn’t canceled. I’m gonna put every damn light in the world on my house and I’m not going to sit here and cry any more over you,'” she concluded.

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