Jewelry Trends You Need To Finally Hop On In 2021

2021 is here, and ushered in with it, all our hopes for happiness, in-person hugs, and good health! After suffering through “the year which shall not be named,” we’re all looking for bigger, bolder, and brighter things in 2021; those dreams will, according to experts, be reflected in our fashion and style trends.

When you think of big, bold, and bright, only one decade comes to mind. That’s right, the ’80s are ruling the runways and retail stores for at least the next 12 months. As beauty and fashion expert, and all around Latin American style icon, Nicole Ravachi, plainly put it in one of her latest blog posts, “The ‘more-is-more’ style era has officially made a comeback and like it or not, we’ll be seeing retro-touched outfits throughout all 2021.”

The ’80s were without a doubt the era of accessories. From scrunchies to shoulder pads, no ’80s look was complete without that personal touch, and in 2021, that means jewelry. Thankfully, as View the Vibe points out, the hair of the era will stay in the past. Plus, the hottest ’80s jewelry trends will be easy for everyone to incorporate, even if your style is anything but Madonna a la “Like a Virgin.”

Chunky gold and silver chains

When it comes to this look, the bolder and bigger, the better. It’s all about a statement piece, so consider a thick gold chain peeking out of the collar of a button-down shirt or a long, thin chain with a bold pendant to dress up a simple sweater.

As Vogue points out, what they coined, “waist up dressing” is all the rage thanks to Zoom, and that styling has been reflected on spring runways which featured chunky chains on everything from bracelets to earrings. But if you’re looking for a more subtle approach to the style, choose one statement piece and go bare with your jewelry elsewhere.

Colorful beads and textures

If the ’80s taught us anything about style it was not to be afraid of color; fortunately, adding a pop of it is as easy as switching up your accessories. According to Marie Claire, colorful beach beaded necklaces in a variety of colors were featured on spring runways from Jason Wu to Versace, reflecting a year of yearning for tropical vacations and happier times.

As Cosmopolitan reported, the virtual New York Fashion Week shows featured bright, shoulder-grazing statement earrings and mismatched earring sets with one long earring and one short earring to create dimension and flair whether you’re masked or on a video conference call. Or as View the Vibe points out, you can opt for functional fashion and wear a colorful silk scrunchie as a bracelet that allows you to throw your hair up at a moment’s notice!


Pearls never truly go out of style, but in 2021 they’re even more popular as View the Vibe points out, thanks in part to season 4 of The Crown; the series features the most influential ’80s fashion icon, Princess Diana. You can choose to rock your simple pearl studs or a trendy pearl choker, or switch it up as StyleCaster recommends with more organic pearl shapes in a long pendant necklace or stacked pearl bracelet.

If you’re looking for a more elegant evening look, pearls shine when incorporated with bling, especially in statement earrings as featured by designer Simone Rocha in Cosmopolitan. Or, you can go the more subtle route with an elaborately adorned cocktail ring.

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