Jana Hocking: Cricketer's vile text and lame excuse when I outed him

JANA HOCKING: Read the vile text an English cricket player sent me… and his pathetic excuse when I outed him

  • English cricketer sends Jana Hocking vile message 
  • He makes rookie error and Jana capitalises on his mistake 
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This morning I woke up, read an absolutely vile Instagram DM and thought ‘Nope, not today Satan’.

Now let me state my following actions were slightly reckless, a little evil, and definitely outrageous but good Lord do I feel all the better for it.

It all began last week when I wrote an article about a new dating trend some women are taking up where they won’t sleep with a man until he has spent at least $2,000 on dates with her.

I mentioned that the more I thought about this idea (and after a run of bad dating decisions) I actually didn’t hate this new trend. It gives us more time to decide whether we really vibe with the person we’re dating, whether the dates have the potential to turn into a real relationship and it also gets rid of the time-wasters in the process. See not entirely crazy (just a tad expensive – well unless they’re loaded).

Since then, I have been inundated with hateful comments from a particular group of men in society. There’s the Insta DMs, the YouTube videos from Andrew Tate wannabees, and this morning, a text from an English cricketer that stated…

‘Threesome? Anal? Or you charge minimum $2000 for that as well.’

The English cricketer sent this vile Instagram DM to Jana Hocking, who quickly sent it on to the company that sponsors him 

The cricketer made a rookie error that Jana Hocking (above) wasted no time making the most of

Well, in my early morning state I was in no mood to be confronted with such a lewd and inappropriate message, so I decided to do a little investigating.

I looked at the creep’s Instagram profile and to my delight discovered he was sponsored by a well-known cricket brand. Huzzah!

So, in a moment of pettiness I took a screenshot of the cricketer’s vile message and sent it to the cricket brand’s Instagram account stating ‘Hi there, just wanted to make you aware that one of your ambassadors is sending women messages like this one he sent me today…

But I wasn’t done there, oh no. I then took a screenshot of that, and resent it to the cricketer. No message just a screenshot of the message I sent to his sponsored sporting company – that included his original message to me. 

In less than a minute I received a response from him. Now prepare yourself, because it is quite possibly the lamest and unimaginative response you could expect…

He wrote: ‘My account was hacked, just changed my password to please avoid and ignore any message.’

The cricketer then claimed that his account had been hacked

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Now let me remind you, this message came within a minute of me sending him my response. And from experience, it takes far longer to notice your Instagram was ‘hacked’ *eye roll* and change your password than under a minute flat. There’s quite a process to do it.

Just last month my friend’s Instagram was hacked and she’s still trying to get it sorted out.

So I decided to respond.

I wrote: ‘That is a lie but it hopefully makes you stop sending women horribly sexual and creepy messages. Do better.’

He tried once again with the BS excuse: ‘I clicked on a link and since then my Facebook and Instagram have been hacked.’

Once again, crazy that he got the ‘hacked’ account back in less than a minute.

So I just wrote back ‘Sure mate’.

To which he responded with a mutual ‘Sure mate’ to me. I know, I know, it’s getting super petty now. But it was 6am and I was in no mood for misogyny.

So I wrote ‘Stop messaging me now’ to which he finally outed his true thoughts with the response ‘You don’t need to reply do you. Sort your attitude’.

MY attitude.

The cricketer told Jana Hocking to ‘Sort her attitude’ despite his misogynistic behaviour

The dude just got caught sending a vile message and only backed down when I sent a screenshot of the message to the company that sponsors him for hitting a bat with a ball.

I then decided that I was done with this ridiculousness, well almost. I took a screenshot his final message and ALSO sent it to the cricket brand. And then I blocked him.

So safe to say his rookie error of sending a gross message from his Instagram account that stated not only his fairly high-profile name but also the sporting company who sponsors him really came back to bite him in the butt.

His big, macho, put-her-in-her-place DM didn’t exactly land where he wanted it to –  in the hands of his sponsor. Oh, how that big d**k energy fades when faced with the consequences of one’s actions.

Dude, I say wear your misogynistic anger loud and proud so we all know who to avoid in the future. Or better yet, how about you educate yourself on the correct manner to speak to a fellow human being and ‘do better’. 

Always up for a healthy debate, just not one that involves the words anal and threesome. Sheesh, all before my morning coffee.

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